How to Date like a True Millennial

How to Date like a True Millennial

Have you ever been ghosted? Ever bird boxed somebody? Know what Kittenfishing means? Or, dropped an R-Bomb? No, well this episode of This Millennial Mess is all about dating and I’m about to teach you what all of these things mean.

Dating is a massive part of being a millennial, we’re all in the prime age to be dating and we’ve created a whole new dictionary of dating terms to go along with it.

How to date like a true millennial

Most of us will have experienced of ghosting at some point in our lives, even if it was just in the playground as kids. But when you’re dating it sucks, particularly when the date seems to be one of the good ones and you think that there is potential there. But oh well, pick yourself up and move on. A date is just a date after all.

Who knew that kitten fishing could mean something other than choosing a cat from the local pet rescue to take home and love?

Who knew that ghosts can sometimes become zombies and suck the love out of your soul?

Or that the R-Bomb is not some form of nuclear warhead but a particularly painful blow to the heart?

Love hurts. Dating sucks. But if you’re a millennial mess like me you embrace it, take the piss out of it and move on.

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