How to Create a Vision Book

How to Create a Vision Book

How to Create a Vision Book

I love a good vision board. They’re fun to create, useful and I think they work. However, as a person with multiple side hustles and numerous careers a board isn’t big enough for me to plan my year long vision. So, instead I create a Vision Book.

How do you create a Vision Book?

It’s very simple, it’s effectively a scrapbook of your hopes and dreams. I take magazines, newspapers, cards and any other kind of paper really and cut out words and images that mean something to me and my vision.

You can have specific pages for specific visions or you can do as I do and stick in whatever looks good to you. For me. I started with a square plain paged notebook from Paperchase which cost me £6. It has plenty of room so I can have as many or as little pages as I like, and it’s cheap.

Vision Book 2020

Vision books don’t need to be expensive or pretty, but you do you. For me, I like to have a blank canvas and go with the flow. Other people I know are very aesthetic so may want to have a really beautiful notebook, with lines for writing or page dividers. It’s up to you.

How to use a Vision Book

Like I said, it’s up to you. For me, I like to create pages of things that inspire me or I like to look at to remind me of my hopes and dreams. I have a page of cut own home decor from magazines for to visualise owning my own home one day, or at least renting a flat that is big enough for a cosy reading armchair and an awesome sound system.

Vision Book Lifestyle

I have a page with cut outs showing women at the spa or relaxing, with the phrase ‘Therapy’ added to it, to remind me to relax and take self-care days. For me, the perfect self-care day is a day at the spa. Me and my mum go about once every three months, yes we’re that bougie! – and it does us both the world of good.

Spa Therapy Vision Book

I have an explore page with places I want to visit one day. There’s even a wedding page – not for me! – but to visualise my sister’s wedding day where I am a bridesmaid.

Explore Vision Book 2020

It can be as cheesy, simple or huge as you like. Some people might like to throw in an image of an Academy Award or the Longlist for the Man Booker Prize. If they’re your dreams then do it!

For me, my Vision Book looks about 1-3 years ahead and mostly focuses on the things I know I want and can achieve. Like being a bridesmaid, moving into a bigger place, taking care of my mental health and having a Christmas in London.

Freelance Vision Book

You do you. Use your Vision Book or Vision Board to visualise exactly what it is you want from life in the next few years.

Love Ellie x

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