How to Create a Room Fit for a Queen (or a Bridgerton)

How to Create a Room Fit for a Queen (or a Bridgerton)

How to Create a Room Fit for a Queen (or a Bridgerton)

Hammonds Furniture offers tips on how to bring Bridgerton decor or “Regencycore” trend into your 21st century home, and make it the talk of the ton

  • Searches for “Bridgerton décor” have increased by 200% in the last three months
  • Pastel walls, damask wallpaper, and ruffled bedding have all grown in popularity in the lead up to the new season

With the second series of the hit period drama, Bridgerton now airing, Hammonds Furniture has looked into just how much the return of one of Netflix’s most-watched shows1, could also impact our home interiors.

In March 2022 alone, there were 156,000 UK Google searches for info about the new series.2 The new series will switch its focus from Daphne to Anthony Bridgerton. But while the main protagonist has changed, the show’s popular colourful aesthetics are sure to be the same.

When the debut season came out in December 2020, the Regency-era inspired series influenced our fashion, staycations and even baby names. And interiors were no different, with the new term ‘Regenycore’ coined to describe the show style.

And as the new series approaches, Bridgerton fever is already setting in. The phrase “Bridgerton decor” seeing a 200% jump in Google searches in the last three months4.

So, for those looking to create their own Bridgerton home, the interiors experts at Hammonds Furniture have put together some tips on how to create a ‘Regencycore’ interior. These tips should help you create an enviable interior that will be the talk of the ton.

Pastel colours

The key to any Regencycore home is the colour scheme. The regency era – which was between 1811 and 1820 – popularised many striking colour schemes that are still considered to be very pleasing to the eye.

Soft hues such as blush, duck egg blue, and mint green are perfect when looking to recreate the colours of this time period.

This is reflected in what we’re looking for online too, with Google searches for “mint green walls” up 22% in the last three months, and “blush paint colour” up 129% in the last three months.

Searches for “powder blue bedrooms” are also up by 80% as Bridgerton fever kicks in. If you’re aiming for a look that is close to the Bridgerton family’s décor then pair together oatmeal, cream and different shades of blue such as powder blue, and a deeper Aegean to add some depth to your palette.

Citrus hues also fit into the Bridgeton-inspired Regencycore look too. And Citrus can be used to create more exciting and colourful schemes in your home – just like those Featheringtons! It’s clear that Brits are not averse to a bold colour scheme with “yellow bedroom ideas” seeing a 48% increase in searches in the last three months. 


When looking for furniture, focus on classic styles in pastel tones – painted wood is a good option. Cupboard and wardrobe handles should ideally be gold or brass too.

If you’ve got as enviable a clothes and shoe collection as Daphne, then fitted furniture is the way to go. This can still look very regal – we recommend the Hammonds Willesly, Croft and Seton ranges.

Complement your fitted furniture with a statement bed, or grand dressing table to create an enviably elegant design.

Ornate Mirrors

No Regencycore room is complete without an antique (or antique looking) mirror. And in fact, this is a Bridgerton detail many of us with would love to steal, as 3,600 of us are searching for “ornate mirrors” every month.

Look for beautiful carved details and gold finishes to really encapsulate the Regency era and bring some elegance into your room. Large mirrors are a great statement piece that are also practical, as they will trick the eye and make your space look bigger than it is.

Patterned wallpaper

Wallpaper is a must in any Regency-inspired room, especially Bridgerton décor oriented rooms. And wallpaper with Damask designs are a good fit for this era. Damask wallpaper receives 5.4k UK searches each month and has seen a 23% increase in demand in the lead-up to the new season of Bridgerton.

Floral wallpaper was very popular during this time and is still coveted now, with 12.1k Brits Googling for design inspiration each month.

Depending on your chosen pattern, you can cover all four walls with the design, or it can be used on a single, statement wall. If you’re particularly keen on DIY, you can also wallpaper items of furniture such as desks, chests and wardrobes and tie in your floral theme throughout the room. Floral patterns can also be extended to your flooring, grab a rug that features a similar design and keep your room cohesive.


Regencycore focuses on bringing a time of regal beauty and extravagance into our modern-day homes and creating interiors that are opulent, symmetrical, and elegant.

And so of course, no regal décor is complete without a chandelier. Receiving 22.2k monthly searches, these lighting fixtures will bring a sense of extravagance and glamour into any home and can be a great centerpiece of a room.

Alternatively, if you want to keep your lighting fixtures more subtle, there are plenty of options that are more modern or of a smaller size that will draw the eye less than a full chandelier. 

Window Dressings

If you’re wanting your room to feel particularly opulent then long, draping curtains that reach the floor are the best way to go. Investing in some high-quality material curtains that tie in with the design of your room is a great way to make a space feel more ‘put together’ and sophisticated. Curtains that feature tassels to tie them back are an added bonus.

8.1k Brits search for velvet curtains each month, making these a popular choice if you’re wanting to create a room with a luxurious feel.

High society homes in this period all had very high ceilings. As such having curtains that brush the floor also will trick the eye and give the effect of a higher ceiling than you may have.  


When considering your textiles, think rich velvet, silk bedding, ruffles and frills for the perfect high-society look.

Brits have been keen on bringing these textures into their homes for some time. And it’s not just velvet curtains that we’re looking for. Velvet chairs are also a popular choice in the home, receiving 12.1k searches every month.

If you’re looking for Bridgerton décor bedding, you’re not alone as over the last three months, searches for “frilly bedding” and “white ruffle bedding” have increased by 24% and 52%, respectively.

Bringing in contrasting but luxurious textures will add regal glamour to your room and is an easy way to introduce Regencycore into your home.

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How to Create a Room Fit for a Queen (or a Bridgerton)

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