How Millennials are Ruining Children’s Toys and Films

Millennials are ruining children's film and toys

How Millennials are Ruining Children’s Toys and Films

Episode 5 of This Millennial Mess is now live! And this week I’m discussing how millennials are ruining children’s toys and films.

Emily Beecher, the creator of The Good Enough Mums Club, wrote a great article for The Guardian about how Millennials seem to be cornering the children’s film and toy market without anyone realising it. And, as such, as ruining the cinematic experience for everyone! Run for your lives!

You can’t seem to escape the cinematic clutches of millennial remakes and 1990s nostalgia. From Toy Story 4 to every Disney live-action remake possible. Children are no longer discovering their own classics because they’re too busy re-living our own – and they don’t even want to!

And don’t get me started on the toys. Two words: Bowie Barbie. Enough said.

In the latest episode of This Millennial Mess, I discuss this and the millennial generation’s love for nostalgia. Are Millennials truly to blame for the destruction of beloved children’s films and toys? Was Toys R Us going under really millennials’ fault? And is there an army of sporks preparing to rally forth the latest generations to eat our millennial souls? Well, you’ll just have to listen to find out.

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‘Millennials won’t let go of children’s toys and films – and kids are paying the price’ – Guardian

This Millennial Mess – iTunes

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