The House of MinaLima | Harry Potter

The House of MinaLima

The House of MinaLima

Before I saw the second part of Harry Potter & the Cursed Child I had two hours to kill and I thought what better chance to visit the House of MinaLima. MinaLima is a free gallery created by two of the Harry Potter film designers ‘Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima.

It is free and less than 30 seconds away from the Palace Theatre where Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is based.

The House of MinaLima

The building itself is like something out of a movie. The floor is tilting and wooden, it’s like the Weasley’s house but with more artwork. The first floor is a shop – with over-priced memorabilia I grant but some lovely prints and items to look at.

MinaLima 1

The second floor is full of artwork the designers have done, that isn’t to do with Harry Potter. But then comes the third floor which is great!

MinaLima 2

The floor is a Marauder’s Map.

MinaLima 3

Weasley Wizard Wheezes

The walls are covered in the Weasley Wizard Wheezes items! Many of them I had never heard of or seen yet they had been in the movie!

Weasleys Wizard Wheezes MinaLima

It was great just to go around and read. I think the quills were my favourite.

Self Writing Quills MinaLima

The fourth floor was sparingly decorated, with some items such as letters and creepy dolls used in the movie. Possibly in Grimmauld Place.

harry potter doll

I had a lovely chat with the young girl who was managing the room! We discussed the play and getting tickets as well as the prints and just Harry Potter things in general.

MinaLima 8


It is always pleasant to talk to another Potterhead so it made my afternoon.

Hogwarts Stain Glass Window

I got some great pictures and I adored the little additions to the building. Such as the Fire Exit signs and the windows decorated with Harry Potter symbols.

Harry Potter Exit signs

It’s a great little outing for anyone who loves Harry Potter! I would highly recommend it if you are out and about in London.

Love Ellie x

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  1. It was great – and entirely free! – the people were lovely and the building itself is so old and rickety (it's like the Burrow!) a perfectly short little outing. Great for a wander around London 🙂

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