Homeware Wish List 2020 | Christmas

Homeware Wish List 2020 | Christmas

Homeware Wish List 2020 | Christmas

As anyone who has read my blog in the last 12 months will know, I adore Christmas and love homeware and home decor. I moved into my new flat in March 2020 and little by little I’ve been renovating it.

To combine my love of home decor and Christmas, I thought I would put together a Homeware Wish List for Christmas 2020. This is in no way a ‘please buy me these things’ (that message is aimed at my mother! Who spoils me) it’s to share what I’m considering adding to my flat over the next few months, between now and Christmas.

Homeware Wish List 2020

This is what is currently on my homeware wish list for 2020.

Geo Wire Clock – Matalan – £10

I’m terrible at telling time as it is, but there’s not a single clock in my house that isn’t on my phone or my wrist, which doesn’t help matters. Time to get a clock for the living room/office!

Macrame Dream Catcher – Amazon – £6.49

I love dream catchers and have done, ever since I was little. Also, I’m a bit in love with the macrame trend right now. Yes, it’s very 70s but I don’t plan on wearing it. I just want to hang one on my bedroom wall as a part of the decor.

Pillemark – Rainbow Welcome Mat – IKEA – £9

Currently, I have a cruddy brown welcome mat on my doorstep, which doesn’t really show off my personality. And who doesn’t love a rainbow?

Lindrande – Reindeer Decor Item – IKEA – £8

I love Reindeer/Deers for multiple reasons, firstly because of Harry’s Patronus in Harry Potter (Yes, I know I’m a geek). Secondly, my favourite place in the world is Knole in Sevenoaks which is a giant deer park. And thirdly, I think they’re both reindeer and Deer, in general, are cute. This little decor item would go on my bookshelf alongside my Harry Potter collection.

Homeware Wish List 2020 Christmas

Round Mirror with Leather Strap – Matalan – £20

I know it sounds vain to say ‘I don’t have enough mirrors in my flat’ but I mean from a light perspective. I have two mirrors – one in the bathroom and another small hexagon mirror above my dresser. But I would really love to have one in the hall as well, just to reflect the light and make it look a bit bigger. Also, to check my make-up as I leave for work.

Artificial Wreath – IKEA – £5

I don’t know why I like this so much, but I do. I would love to have this on the wall outside in my garden. I think it would look gorgeous as a piece of decor.

Bush Classic Turntable – Amazon – £40

I adore 70s and 80s music, and it’s true what they say: everything sounds better on vinyl. One day, I would love to have a record collection of all of my favourite albums – Rumours by Fleetwood Mac, Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys and Never for Ever by Kate Bush to name a few.

Himalayan Salt Lamp – Amazon – £23

I’m not sure how true it the theory is that Himalayan Salt Light purifies the air, but I do love the look and texture of them. As both a piece of decor and a functional light, they just stand out to me. And if they do purify the air, well, then that’s a plus.

Habitat Face Printed Cushion – Sainsbury’s – £12

I don’t know why, but I love this cushion from Sainsbury’s. It’s my colours, my typical taste and feminine. Love!

Peony and Rose Reed Diffuser – Sainsbury’s – £12

I adore the smell of Peony and Roses in the flat, and of course, I love my flat to smell lovely and clean at all times.

I love shopping for home decor items and adding to my rental renovation as the months go on, and as we come into Christmas I think I can treat myself.

What do you think of the above items? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Homeware Wish List 2020 Christmas

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