Highlights of 2017

Highlights of 2017

Highlights of 2017

2017 may have come and gone, and it wasn’t the best year. But there were some obvious highlights of 2017 that I would like to remember for prosperity.

Some of the highlights of 2017

1. I got a new job!

In May I moved from publishing recruitment to working in marketing and publicity at a small publisher called Canelo. I loved my previous job but there was nowhere for me to grow in the company so whilst it broke my heart to leave my wonderful colleagues I am now working in my dream role, with equally wonderful colleagues, as a Marketing and Publicity Executive. You can read more about my new job here!

2. I moved to London

In 2017 I was able to move to London with surprising speed. My best friend and I discussed it in July and in August we moved into a flat in London, with her boyfriend and cat in tow. It’s been a challenge to get settled but now we are it’s lovely! I am now surrounded by history, culture, and officially independent. Bills and Council Tax aren’t fun though.

3. I went to Paris with my best friend

My best friend and I took ourselves off on an adventure in Paris and had the best time! It was 36 degrees (Celsius), we paddled in the fountains at the Louvre, danced in the rain, got drunk, sang Non-Regrette Rien on a balcony, and generally had fun! It was great.

4. I wrote a novel in a matter of weeks

In March I had the sudden urge to write – which is a lovely feeling! – and every lunch break for 45 minutes every day I would sit in a Starbucks on Baker Street and write. By the end of April, I had written a novel. It wasn’t a great novel, it was a little rushed, but it was complete and I am currently in the throes of editing it!

5. I saw several fantastic plays/musicals this year

I saw War HorseThe Full Monty (hilarious!), and School of Rock this year! And they were definitely fun highlights.

Highlights of 2017

6. I went to my first premiere

I went to the BFI Film Festival and saw the premiere of Journeys End with Sam Claflin, Toby Jones, and Paul Bettany. You can see my review of the film here. 

7. I have met several of my heroes this year

I met Tom Fletcher, Carrie Hope Fletcher, Gemma Cairney, Jen Campbell, Leena Norms, Michael Grant, and David Almond this year. Having moved to London, I’ve also seen a lot of celebs as well. Including Ruby Wax, Sam Claflin, Toby Jones, Jason Schwartzman, Neil Pearson, and Holly Bourne. It’s been a good celeb-spotting year.

8. I visited every Harry Potter attraction in Edinburgh

In October I fulfilled a dream of mine by visiting Edinburgh and going to every Harry Potter location that either inspired the book or were places where J.K. Rowling wrote the books. I had breakfast at The Elephant House and Spoon Cafe, I visited Candlemaker Row, The Writers Museum, and Greyfriars Kirkland and generally had a lovely time exploring the beautiful city of Edinburgh.

9. I went self-hosted on my blog and created EllesBellesNotebook

In January last year, I went self-hosted and migrated my two blogs to create EllesBellesNotebook. I may have failed a little in my blogging over the latter months of 2017 but this blog is no less special to me and I can’t wait to see how it grows in 2018.

Although this is my highlights post of 2017 there were a lot of awful things that happened in 2017, to my family more than myself but the effect on me has been great. Even today, as I write this, terrible things are ongoing which will affect the beginning of 2018. But I survived 2017, supporting my family and they supported me likewise, and we will survive 2018. And flourish.

I hope you have a great 2018!

Love Ellie x

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