Harry Potter Studios | Forbidden Forest 2017

Harry Potter Studios

Harry Potter Studios | Forbidden Forest

I have now been to Harry Potter Studios four times and I can still say I haven’t seen it all and I certainly still love it.

My mum surprised me and my dad with tickets to Harry Potter Studios at night. Included was ‘supposed’ to be a meal, butterbeer, and butterbeer ice cream but sadly the evening with over-subscribed, and the queue for food was beyond enormous! Like three movie sets long…literally!

So we just walked around the lot and saw all the new things they’ve added recently.

We still love it! Even my parents who have now been three times.

Today’s post is going to be another Photo Diary of the Harry Potter Studios including the new Forbidden Forest.

Harry Potter Great Hall
First up is the Great Hall. I love these murals on the walls. They’re purposely painted to fade with time so in a few year they’ll be gone!
Harry Potter Sigil
The famous Harry Potter Houses on the Great Hall fireplace.
Harry Potter Yule Ball Table
This beautiful table is from the Yule Ball. So gorgeous!
Harry Potter Costumes
You’ve got to love the Harry Potter costumes. It was sad seeing Snape’s though, this was the first time I’ve been back since Alan Rickman passed away.
Harry Potter Gryffindor
The Gryffindor Common Room. God this room looks cosy!
Harry Potter Grand Staircase
I’ve never seen this lot before! But they’ve moved the Grand Staircase! Filled with portraits of really funny looking wizards.
Harry Potter Pendulum
This is possibly my favourite prop/structure of the Harry Potter Studios. It’s the massive Pendulum from the Prisoner of Azkaban.
Harry Potter Pendulum close up
It has such an intricate design, is massive and moves! Beautiful!
Another new section was the Quidditch section! They now have an area specifically focused on Quidditch where you can even command your own broom to go Up!
Quidditch 2
More Quidditch murals and costumes!
The Burrow
The best house in all of Harry Potter: the Burrow! We noticed that they’ve changed the clock – I thought the hands were made of spoons, not scissors??
Albus Dumbledore Office
Dumbledore’s Office. Quite a large and beautiful set!
Ford Anglia
They have added a Whomping Willow and Ford Anglia! Which actually gets attacked! But be careful or the Whomping Willow will attack you…as I found out!
My dad was particularly proud of this shot of a flying Dementor.
Harry Potter Studios
Another new addition is this perspective changing area. It makes one person look big and closer to the camera than the other person when we’re really quite close.
Harry Potter Forbidden Forest
My mum and I as we go into the Forbidden Forest…
My mother was so happy to have found Buckbeak she would not stop bowing to the poor creature!
Buckbeak 2
Luckily Buckbeak bowed back!
Harry Potter Letters
The flying letters in the Dursley’s house! This exhibit is only open at certain times of the year and since it was just Easter it was still open for us! Fabulous! It’s such a tiny set though!
Hogwarts Express
Of course you have to include the absolutely gorgeous Hogwarts Express!
Harry Potter Kings Cross
The wall wouldn’t let me through, but I was smiling none the less.
Fizzing Whizzbees
We then had to do a little shopping at Diagon Alley…well after we’d be through Diagon Alley. I was quite interested in the food.
Peppermint Toads
Also Peppermint Toads. I think I need to get those next!
Harry Potter Hogwarts
And finally…Hogwarts! You have to love and marvel at the Hogwarts replica building. It is stunning!

And there we have it. Harry Potter Studios!

There were quite a lot of new additions since the last time I went – Nov 2015 – but I can’t wait to go back already. I think I’ll be going sometime in summer or autumn with a friend so I’ll be sure to do some shopping when I do. I need to add to my growing Harry Potter collection.

Have you ever been to the Harry Potter Studios? Do you want to go? It’s amazing. And totally worth the money.

Love Ellie x

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