Why I Love Writing | Guest Post

Why I Love Writing Guest Post

Why I Love Writing: Guest Post

I am currently in the process of editing my finished manuscript and crowdfunding to get it published through Unbound! It’s an exciting time! And one I am loving sharing with people.

As a Creative Writing graduate, I had to regularly workshop my writing with others and I loved hearing other people’s thoughts and stories about their own writing careers! As such I’ve opened up the floor of my blog to fellow writers. Asking for their stories and advice.

Chloe-Rose from The Awakened Indigo is one such person. And this is her guest post on how she got into writing and why she loves it.

Why I Love Writing by Chloe-Rose

From a young age, I have always wanted to write. With my crayon poised in my hand, I had the whole world in front of me, my imagination was endless. Writing countless stories about princesses and dragons. I was a quiet girl with a loud imagination. I used to write newspapers for my house with endless tales about our cat chasing her tale or when something of mine went missing.

Even in school, I adored English, learning new things about writing and the different styles of text. Gold stars would appear on my writing. In high school, I was part of a book group and often got to do workshops with visiting authors. I remember one workshop we had was with Ruth Dugdall (The Woman Before Me, The Sacrificial Man) and she asked us to write an opening for a story. I was sat by myself, she came and sat with me and read my work. She told me how great it was and she really believed in me. I had a glow around me and a smile that left my cheeks aching. After the session, she handed me a ticket to her book launch of ‘The Sacrificial Man’ and gave me a signed copy. This experience really increased my belief in myself.

In College, my Communications teacher told me I had a ‘unique’ style of writing and that he enjoyed every piece of writing that I handed to him. He used to work in a newspaper so I was pretty chuffed to hear him say such lovely things about my work. He truly made me believe in myself and not to be so hard on myself. It’s because of him that I changed my mind about university.

But why did I enjoy writing so much?

Escapism. The ability to create a world and fantasize about being in that world made me happy. When I didn’t have that many friends I could always write a story and make friends with the characters. As sad as it may sound I found it hard to talk when I was younger due to overwhelming shyness and autism. But writing was so much easier to get my feelings out. Poetry helped me to control my emotions, writing poems about how I felt really made me feel better.

In 2016 The Awakened Indigo was born, it was a place to show off my work and let my creativity run free. At first, I felt like no one would read my posts but they did. As my view count went up so did my happiness. The fact that people are reading my work, reading something I wrote fills me with so much joy. Writing has been a passion from a young age and I’m truly grateful that I stuck to it.

Thank you Chloe-Rose!

Thanks so much to Chloe-Rose for her wonderful post! You can find her here on Twitter & on her blog.

Make sure you watch out for a few of these posts! And if you’re interested in writing about your own writing careers, and doing some writing promotion, please feel free to get in touch with me at eleanor.pilcher@gmail.com.

Love Ellie x guest post

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