The Full Monty at the Marlowe Theatre | Review

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 The Full Monty at the Marlowe Theatre | Review

Well…on Tuesday 22nd I went to see the Full Monty at the Marlowe Theatre. With my mother. And her girlfriends.

It was an education. For which I give the cast varying results between A+ to B-.

And for anyone wondering if they really do got The Full Monty…they do! With some subtle lighting which masks only some of them. God knows what the Front Row saw. Lucky sods.

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The Cast

The cast were fab – chosen for their physiques as much as their acting ability, no one really let the side down. I would say that Gary Lucy, who plays the protagonist Gary ‘Gaz the lad’, is sometimes intelligible on stage (we found he was speaking in a very high pitched voice at times – thongs will do that – and his northern accent was muffled) But then again…I didn’t really care.

I know the story of the Full Monty well. It’s actually an important film which sprung from a silly idea. Which makes it all the better! The story covers things from unemployment, sexuality, body issues, suicide and more. For a story about normal guys stripping it is actually quite deep!

But is also very silly! Joke after joke will see you killing yourself with laughter! From a balance beam act to women coming on stage screaming ‘Get your willy out’. It’s a barrel of laughs.

Stand out performances probably go to Dave (Kai Owen), Gerald (Andrew Dunn) and Nathan (1 of 4 actors I can’t figure out which) who were fairly straight yet sarcastic characters – my favourites! Chris Fountain’s (Guy,) use of props did not disappoint and poor Lomper (Anthony Lewis). Oh, poor Lomper. He grew some balls by the end! Not to mention the fabulous dancing of arthritic Horse (Louis Emerick)!

The Full Monty Play

The Performance

Stand-out scene: Donna Summer in the Job Club queue! Even sillier on stage!

Stripping…the all important aspect. I commend the actors because that is not an easy job. The second half is spent almost entirely in some form of nudity, in very white pants. Not to mention the up close staring by half of the cast can be off-putting. You can tell that they’re ‘lads’ about it though.

The fact that the striptease at the end is not the only stripping in the show does make it less embarrassing – particularly when you’re mother is sat to your right screaming like a madwoman and a grumpy old husband (who had clearly been dragged by his white-haired wife) was sat with his arms crossed and a scowl.

The end scene…I was in daze when I left. A warm, comfortable, very-happy daze. Those men can strip. You can tell that they stop being Gary, Dave, Gerald etc on stage. They become themselves and just go for it with silly gazes to one another.

‘Oh, here we go again, lads.’ Kind of attitude.

But everyone enjoyed themselves! The cackling, screaming, knicker-flinging enjoyment was very apparent in fact! Standing ovation.

It’s not going to win any Evening Standard awards anytime soon but the play is well-worth a watch just for the humour and stripping alone!

Not a bad way to start my theatre-going season of 2017! Let’s put it that way.

For more information on the show and the cast check out the official twitter page and the national touring page. Tickets are still available for further shows! It’s well-worth it!

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