Favourites of the Year: Theatre

Favourites of the year: theatre

Favourites of the Year: Theatre

This year I went to quite a lot of Theatre. Here are some of my favourite performances.

Favourite Theatre Shows of the Year

The Comedy About a Bank Robbery

Me and my mate Rob went to see this hilarious play about a Bank Robbery that goes wrong. It had some of the best stagings I had ever seen and was simply brilliant. Both of us left with tears streaming and our sides aching. Would definitely love to see this again.

Shit-Faced Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet

Also with Rob and also hilarious was Shit-Faced Shakespeare. At only an hour in length, this show in which one cast member is rip-roaringly drunk was spectacularly funny. With Mercutio/Lord Capulet off his head drunk the show took a very LGBT and happier turn than any other adaptation of Shakespeare’s play I’ve seen.

Measure for Measure

From one Shakespeare play to another, this one was much more serious if still unique. I effectively saw this play twice in one night with the role of Isabelle and Angelo swapped at the interval to see the difference in the treatment of gender in a gender battle. A mind-fuck of a play but one that I had stayed with long after the curtain (or lights – there was no curtain) fell.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

I saw this musical this year and it was so lovely I just wanted to hug the main character. It a story of a 16-year-old boy who wants to be a Drag Queen and goes to his prom in drag. Good on him. Based on a true story with ridiculously catchy songs, sung incredibly well, and modern dance. It’s a musical everyone should see.

Mischief Movie Night

Me, the bestie Freyja and her little sister went to see this improvised show and it was bloody hilarious. Since it was not at all scripted the randomness and cleverness of this show, with an improvised musical number, and a continuous plot was utterly brilliant. I wanted to book tickets the second the show was over but they were sold out, and rightfully so. If they come back I WILL BE THERE. Fantastic.

I can’t wait to see more shows in 2019. I have my eye on Hamilton tickets, plus I really want to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child again since I didn’t see it once in 2018 *gasp*.

What other plays should I go and see?

Love Ellie x

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Favourites of the Year: Theatre

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