Favourite Theatre Shows of 2019

Favourite Theatre Shows of 2019

Favourite Theatre Shows of 2019

2019 was a good year for theatre. Not only did I go to my first show in New York City I also finished seeing every show, still open in the West End, by the Mischief Theatre Company.

Favourite Theatre Shows of 2019

Have a look at my favourites theatres shows I saw this year.


When I was in New York I went to the off-Broadway play Puffs. It is a parody of Harry Potter, following an American student who was suspiciously left out of the Harry Potter series. His name was Wayne and he was a Puff – aka a Hufflepuff. The story follows him across the seven years that Harry is at school and the show is very funny. From Snape giving sex education classes, to an improv scene on the Quidditch pitch. I wrote a full review when I got back from New York.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

I saw the Bridge Theatre adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with my friend Lauren and it was hilarious! They changed the gender positioning of the play. Instead of Oberon trying to bewitch Titania, it is Titania that bewitches Oberon, and therefore it is Oberon who falls in love with Bottom the Ass. Complete with a moving stage in the middle of a standing audience, circus tricks, and pole dancing, this was a truly brilliant adaptation. I loved it.


I got cheap tickets to go see Aladdin and I thought why not. I didn’t really want to see it, I always thought of Aladdin as a Pantomine, not a West End show. How wrong was I! Sitting in the 6th row back along with a load of families and tourists, I was smiling ear to ear and laughing like crazy. This show was so much fun, complete with the best costume changes and dances I’ve seen on a West End stage in years. I would have paid more and would have happily gone back if it hadn’t closed recently. If it tours – go!

Shit-Faced Shakespeare: Hamlet

What would happen if Ophelia was drunk during Hamlet? Well, a lot of swearing, a decision not to commit suicide, and a much pacier story. I love Shit-Faced Shakespeare, it’s becoming one of my favourite nights out in London as so far I’ve seen three productions by this company. And I intend on seeing more soon.

The Play That Goes Wrong

While I wish I could have seen this play with the original Mischief cast – they truly are fantastic – I still loved The Play That Goes Wrong. A total farce complete with a falling apart set – which is brilliantly crafted – magic and more. I wish I had seen this show with someone as it’s the sort of play that builds in joy when you share it with someone. But still excellent comedy.

I’ve been to a few more plays, including Groan Ups and Austentatious, but these were my favourite theatre shows of the year. And next year I’ve got not only Six the Musical but also… Hamilton!! It’s happening! This is not a drill! I’m going to see Hamilton!! I can’t wait.

Love Ellie x

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Favourite Theatre Shows West End

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