Favourite Memes from Lockdown

Favourite Memes from Lockdown UK

Favourite Memes from Lockdown

I have to start this post with a disclaimer that I don’t own any of these memes, I simply love them! We all need a laugh at the moment, so today I thought I would share my favourite memes from lockdown. What are yours?

The worrying thing is I think I may know this person…

This isn’t even funny anymore, it’s just my new life.

Zoom Calls Memes Lockdown


This genius who got the BEST REVENGE on a Lettings Agency – watch the video!


And for this reason I do not use Microsoft Team/Zoom backgrounds

Potato Head Microsoft Teams


James Blunt is national treasure, even if everyone hates his music

Lockdown Memes UK


Even Jesus is social distancing apparently

Jesus Lockdown Meme

Turns out there are books that should be burned.

2020 book

I still desperately want to do this!

Now a classic TikTok moment that shall be played in 75 years time to commemorate this time.

One for the creative writing students among us

Free Baby Toys Disinfected

Not a meme but one of the best things to come out of UK Lockdown is my colleague recreating the HarperCollins office on Animal Crossing!

HarperCollins Robyn Watts

This is the craziest mother-f**king bird… I love it.

A book lovers dream day

Books memes lockdown UK

And finally, indeed how we’re going to act when we finally get out of lockdown and can see people again!

What’s your favourite lockdown meme, TikTok or video? There are plenty flying about social media and I see a new one I love everday!

For sure, we’re going to get through this lockdown by laughing and I’ve loved the creative and sarcasm of the people sharing and making memes for the benefit of making us smile. Or simply to mock their neighbours and family members. Hey, we’ve all done it.

Don’t forget to comment and share. Until tomorrow!

Love Ellie x

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Favourite Memes from Lockdown

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