Favourite Home Decor Brands

Favourite Home Decor Brands

One of my favourite things about moving is getting to decorate a new place. Obviously, that is currently on hold during lockdown due to my living with my parents. But, when I get back to my new flat I’m going to go crazy on some of my favourite home decor brands’ websites!

Favourite Home Decor Brands

Urban Outfitters

There is something so aspirational about Urban Outfitters, mostly because of the prices – it’s about £20 for a towel – but still. I love the quirkiness and ‘coolness’ of their products. There’s a bit of bragging room when it comes to saying ‘I got it at Urban Outfitters’, not that I have ever bought anything from them yet. But I do love a browse.

Dunelm Mill

A forgotten treasure in my book. For affordable home furnishings and homeware, this is the place to go. I got my sofa off of Dunelm for only £230, and it’s a proper three-seater with a chaise lounge attached. Perfect. Great for new movers on a budget.


You’ve got to love Etsy for those one-of-a-kind pieces and additional home decor items you never think to buy until you have a place to fill. From home-made candles to artisan kitchenware, hand-made wooden furniture and illustrative prints galore.


Surprising SHEIn, known for doing cheap clothes, actually have a fairly decent cheap homeware section. I’m under no impression that the quality of the items is anything shout home about, but if you’re after a cheap tapestry to cover a patch of grimy wall, or some fairy lights to string on your bookshelf then why not.

TK Maxx

You can find some homeware bargains at TK Maxx, and they’re usually pretty decent quality as well. From Le Creuset kitchenware to super-soft rugs. I love browsing their shops and online store for bargains, they’re clearance section is always full of gems.


If it’s artwork you need then Desenio is the place to go. They have great quality artwork printed in Sweden in all manner of sizes, and there is always a deal or a discount code you can find and use to get 10-30% off. Great if want to create a high-class gallery wall on a budget. Tip: get your frames from a charity shop, IKEA or Wilkos. A lot cheaper!


A classic but a favourite of many. IKEA has TONS of great home decor in their stores and online. From the all-important mason jars to creating a Pinterest kitchen to the standard homeware requirements you need every day. Dirt cheap as well.


Another affordable homeware brand, that’s great for the final shop when you’ve moved in as they sell everything. Go into a store and grab some silk flowers and last-minute decor touches, while also getting the washing-up liquid you forgot and a mop.

Charity Shops

Not really a brand but still, a favourite for home decor. I love going into a charity shop not knowing what I will find. Sometimes it’s a load of trash and other times you can find some gorgeous bargains. Particularly awesome when you’re on a budget.

Obviously, if you’re more high-brow and have a budget you might want to look at brands like Oliver Bonas and Wayfair. But, as much as I like their products and style there is no way I can afford to spend money willy-nilly in those stores.

As such, I’ll stick to my favourites above. What are your favourite home decor stores? Are you a bargain babe like me, or do you prefer to spend little but big? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Favourite Home Decor Brands

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