My Favourite Films of 2017

Favourite Films of 2017

My Favourite Films of 2017

I must admit that in 2017 I didn’t see many films *gasp* this is due in part to timing, commuting and general lack of funds. But the ones I did see were pretty good!

Here are some of my favourite films of 2017:

Journey’s End

I’ll start with the obvious, and one of the most recent. I went to the BFI screening of this movie back in October and it was incredible. For a full write up of what I really loved about this movie check out my full review here.

Beauty and the Beast

I am a bit of a sucker for this movie, mostly because of the music (new and old). I’ve been enjoying the Disney live-action remakes of Princess movies lately – I skipped one of my last ever lectures at university to see Cinderella – and Beauty and the Beast was no exception. It had its weaknesses but it also had some truly lovely moments and brilliant new songs!


Oh my god… how to describe the enormity of the anticipation for this movie. Not only was I sold on the stellar cast of acting male talent. I was sold on the story. I have a History degree and was astounded by the way the lecturers glazed over the topic of Dunkirk like it wasn’t a big deal – it was a huge deal! This movie – thankfully – has recognised the event wholeheartedly for what it was and did it superbly with an amazing narrative structure and great cinematography.

Wonder Woman

I do not like the DC movies that have come out over the last few years, i.e. Superman vs Batman, Justice League, Superman etc But Wonder Woman was awesome! I thought the acting was on point and I love the opening sequences in the all-female land of Themyscira. I also thought the plot twist at the end was handled really nicely and set up the remaining movies perfectly. Good movie!

Spiderman: Homecoming

I was a little sceptical about this movie, at first, as I quite enjoyed the Andrew Garfield reboot and I didn’t think we needed another one so soon afterwards. But all of that was put to one side when I actually saw this film. It’s clever, funny, enjoyable and ties in nicely with the Marvel world that has been developing over the last 10 years! Tom Holland is pretty good too.

So there are some of my favourite movies of 2017. Some highly commended movies that I watched in 2017, but weren’t necessarily released in 2017, also includes:

Carrie Pilby (Netflix), Chef (Netflix), The Intern (Amazon Prime), Hacksaw Ridge (Netflix) and Burnt (Netflix).

What movies did you love last year?

Love Ellie x

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