Favourite Books of 2019

Favourite Books of the Year 2019

Favourite Books of 2019

I can’t believe we’re at this point of the year already. It feels like last month I was doing my last round-up of favourite books of the year. It’s insane. Today I’m looking back over my favourite books of 2019 and boy has there been a lot.

I have no set number, and a lot of the books I read this year I loved! But I’m only choosing my absolute favourites. The books I can’t stop thinking about or can’t wait to read again. So here goes, here are my favourite books of 2019.

Favourite Books of 2019

Me by Elton John

I listened to this autobiography on Audible and it is raw, harrowing, hilarious, mesmerising, passionate and emotional. Taron Egerton did a fantastic job of narrating it, with Elton John narrating his own introduction and epilogue. It’s honestly one of the best autobiographies I’ve ever read because it’s entirely open. He doesn’t hide what a twat he was and he talks with such love for the people most important in his life. I really enjoyed it.

Sabotage by Emma Gannon

The Pound Project’s latest book was by Emma Gannon, who long-time readers of my blog will know is one of my heroines. I got the signed paperback edition and read it the moment it arrived.

It’s a gripping look at the way we sabotage ourselves when things go right, and I recognised a lot of my experiences in Emma’s. From over-spending when you get a pay rise or are paid for something freelance, to over-eating when you’ve bought a dress for a specific event in a few weeks. It’s about the natural sabotage we unconsciously do when we’re succeeding or feeling good about ourselves and how to combat it.

A Year of Rest and Relaxation by Otessha Moshfegh

I have talked so much about this book this year, but when I think about it I have the physical reaction of relaxing and feeling safe. I’ve no idea why as that’s not really what this complicated, literary novel is about. But it’s brilliant. I adored it.

Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler

Another book I’ve talked non-stop about. This coming-of-age novel set in New York fascinated me. I’ve got the second season of the TV series to watch, but this book is brilliant and stands on its own.

Kick by Paula Byrne

Kathleen ‘Kick’ Kennedy was J.F.K’s favourite little sister who was killed aged 28 in a plane crash. She was forgotten and that is such a shame because she was a beautiful, kind and wonderful young girl. She loved England and gave up her life in America, including her family, for love. But her husband was killed just 5 months later during the Second World War. She remained in England and later had another relationship but was killed with her lover in a plane crash and is buried at Chatsworth House. This was a heartbreaking and utterly engrossing historical read and one I would highly recommend.

The Five by Hallie Rubenhold

Another historical read looks at the five victims of the so-called Jack the Ripper. Hallie Rubenhold has done an amazing thing with this book, going deep into the lives of the five victims from their parent’s lives to the reaction of their children. One thing that is made clear about these women in this book is that they lived. They were not just prostitutes killed by Jack the Ripper. They were loved, had children, were married, once ran businesses and kept homes. It’s a touching and highly detailed read, great for fans of history or simple story-telling.

My Girls by Todd Fisher

I still miss Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, their death’s had an effect on me as they did on many other people. This book is just a lovely look at their lives, written and read by Todd Fisher – Carrie’s younger brother and Debbie’s youngest son. A heart-wrenching yet warm read.

In at the Deep End by Kate Davies

If you’re after a kick-ass LGBT read then this book is my highest recommendation. Amazing and so well written. Kate has become one of my favourite authors, and this was her debut. It’s simply brilliant.

Departures by Anna Hart

I maintain that it was because of this book that I jetted off to New York City on my own so that’s how much of a favourite it is of mine. This is practically a diary of various holidays that Anna Hart took throughout her life, from the moment she could leave for Ireland to now. Funny, down-to-earth and very aspirational.

The No Spend Year by Michelle McGagh

If you’re looking to save money – and who of us isn’t after Christmas? – Then this is the book I recommend. Relatively short and easy to read, it’s a good read that reminds us that we don’t need to spend money to be happy.

What are your favourite books of 2019? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to recommend me some books for 2020. It’s going to be a fun year.

Love Ellie x

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