Fashion Review of Femme Luxe Jumpsuits | Ad

Fashion Review of Femme Luxe Jumpsuits

Fashion Review of Femme Luxe Jumpsuits | Ad

At the end of June I was approached by the clothing brand Femme Luxe to review a selection of their jumpsuits. I love a jumpsuit; it’s a lazy outfit that looks so good, and can be worn fashionably or as athleisurewear! They were kind enough to send me three jumpsuits to review.

Disclaimer: This is a gifted collaboration with Femme Luxe, but all opinions shared within this post are honest and my own.

The Products

My sizing in clothes fluctuates between 10/12/14 and currently – due to living in lockdown at my parents who are big family feeders – I’m currently at the latter end of that scale. So all of the products I requested were size 14.

Femme Luxe products currently only go up to a UK size 14, so these products will only fit anyone UK size 6-14. Also, if you anyone with curves I would recommend going up a size for comfort as well, as some of these products aren’t best suited for curvaceous hips (which I could say for more female clothing brands!)

I selected three jumpsuits from the Femme Luxe jumpsuit collection. One was loungewear, another for daywear and finally an evening wear jumpsuit.

Jumpsuit 1: Black Rib Scoop Neck Jumpsuit – Melina

Out of the three jumpsuits this was the only product that didn’t fit me. I realised after receiving the product that I had ordered the jumpsuit with a tapered leg rather than a wide-leg. As someone with hips – and proud! – tapered/skinny leg products aren’t the best for me as I have chunkier thighs and a thicker waist.

As such, this product wasn’t a good fit – and hence I have no photos of me in it. However, there was a wide-leg variety of the same rib scoop neck jumpsuit in black. I just didn’t realise until later when I was browsing the other black jumpsuits Femme Luxe offers.

The material is comfortable enough, if a little thin, and the product would be fine to wear as daywear for when you’re running errands, lounging around the house or seeing friends. I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it to work or to a function however.

This product currently retails for £18.99 as it’s on sale, but originally is £37.98.

Jumpsuit 2: Grey Ribbed Off The Shoulder Loungewear Jumpsuit – Harlow

The second jumpsuit I tried was a loungewear jumpsuit. Grey is not my natural colour, and I think this jumpsuit proved that, but it was still super comfy and I wanted to try out some of Femme Luxe Grey variety jumpsuits. Unlike the first jumpsuit this one did fit, although still not as well as I would be comfortable wearing outside of the house.

Grey Ribbed Jumpsuit

For lounging around the house it’s perfect. It’s off-the-shoulder and loose-fitting so I can sit down to work, clean the house or be cooking all without being constricted.

It would be happy to be seen in this from the top up say on a Zoom call or at work, I would probably open my front door as well. But it’s not so flattering on me that I would go out to the shops or to a friends house. It’s perfect loungewear and that’s where it shall stay.

Loungewear Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit 3: Black Mesh One Shoulder Sleeve Flare Leg Jumpsuit – Daisy

And finally for my favourite of the three jumpsuits. I chose this one-shoulder jumpsuit as an evening wear outfit and it’s gorgeous!

This one was part of the wide-leg family of jumpsuits and it fit perfectly. Much comfier about the hips – in a good way! – and form fitting.

Eveningwear Jumpsuit

You’ll need some sturdy tit tape and/or a strapless bra but apart from that you’re good to go. I felt sexy in this jumpsuit, and with a right accessories – bangle here, some kick ass heels and a clutch – I could see myself wearing this to a function of any kind. Probably my next go-to outfit for a graduation, work event or even a reception.Fashion Review of Femme Luxe Jumpsuits

Final Review

As far as jumpsuits go, Femme Luxe is pretty decent. As I said before, if you’re over a size 12 I would be cautious only because the sizing can be a bit iffy, but otherwise a solid enough brand.

If you’re looking for an affordable cosy or sexy jumpsuit I would recommend trying Femme Luxe Jumpsuits. However, if you’re looking for cosy daywear for the Autumn, I’m not so sure.

Overall for me, personally, I would give it a 1.5 out of 3 stars – just because of the 3 products I tried. But I would return to shop again.

Love Ellie x

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Femme Luxe Jumpsuits

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