Eight Plastic Free Christmas Gift Ideas

Eight Plastic Free Christmas Gift Ideas

Eight Plastic Free Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for gift ideas that won’t kill the planet, I’ve got your back. Here are eight plastic free Christmas gift ideas to offer friends and family. Some of them are a bit odd, but personally, I recommend all of the brands – and I think their products make great gifts. Jokey and serious.

Who Gives a Crap Toilet Roll

An odd choice of gift, but hear me out. Who Gives a Crap makes a good toilet roll (a sentence I never thought I’d write!) Plus, they help the planet, they’re pretty (another new sentence!) and they make a good gift for eco-aware friends and family. Think about it: a 3-12 months supply of toilet roll that helps the planet!

KeepCup Glass

The reusable coffee cup is the signature of the zero-waste movement, and they make great gifts.

LUSH Shampoo Bars

An easy way to help the planet and limit plastic consumption is to use a shampoo bar. LUSH produces some great ones. They’re tailored to different hair types and come as separate bars or combo shampoo and conditioner bars.

Rose Gold Metal Shaver

For an eco-conscious and responsible friend or family member, you could get them this fancy rose gold shaver. It’s metal with replaceable blades, much better for the environment than disposable razers.

Vegan Coconut Bowl and Spoon Set 

If you’ve got a friend or family member who is moving into a new place, this gift is a good one. The same goes for people who work in offices but like to take their Weetabix with them for when they arrive! Most of us need new bowls, plates, and cutlery more often than we admit. Go plastic-free with this vegan, aesthetically pleasing version.

Zero Waste Kit

If a friend or family member is looking to trial a zero-waste or plastic-free life, then offer them this zero waste kit. It has some of the basic staples of zero waste life.

Hand and Body Lotion UpCircle

UpCircle Beauty is a great brand that doesn’t use plastic in its products. And their products are fantastic. If you have friends and family that love skincare, then this is a brand for them.

Axiology Lipstick

Beauty products always go down a treat with friends and family at Christmas. Why not offer some plastic free options like these lipsticks from Axiology.

And those are eight plastic free Christmas Gift ideas. Have you ever purchased from any of these brands or products? And if you have any other recommendations for plastic free gifts let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Eight Plastic Free Christmas Gift Ideas

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