Early Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Early Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Early Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Yes, I know, it feels like it’s too early to be thinking about Christmas. But this is an early Christmas Gift Guide 2022 for those that have realized there are only three paydays until Christmas.

Here are some present ideas for your loved ones.

The Empire by Michael Ball

I’m biased as I’ve been working on this book. But it will truly make the perfect gift for anyone that loves reading, loves theatre, or simply needs a new read. It’s the first in a new historical series set in the 1920s at the Empire theatre in a midlands town. It’s glamorous, funny, and dripping with Michael’s signature West End style. Signed editions are even available from Waterstones and WHSmiths.

Scratch Off Bucket Lists

From 100 Books to Read in your Lifetime, to 100 Movies to See in your Lifetime. There is a scratch-off bucket list for every niche and favourite past-time.

Christmas Gift Guide Scratch Off Bucket List

Custom Handwritten Jewellery

For a special and personalised present, why not try gifting someone a custom handwritten piece of jewellery? My sister did this for me and my mum; we each got necklaces inscribed with a message my grandad used to write on each of our birthday and Christmas cards. It’s one of my most treasured possessions.

eos Lipbalm

The perfect stocking stuffer gift, with just a bit more oomph than your typical lip balms. There are plenty of flavours and scents to choose from as well. I personally recommend the basics like Vanilla or Cherry, but there are plenty of others.


Whether you’re thinking Le Creuset (T.K. Maxx is great for Le Creuset!) to the pretty but standard fare, why not gift some baking items this Christmas? I know that I always appreciate a new roasting tin!

Have you got any suggestions for a Christmas Gift Guide 2022? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Early Christmas Gift Guide 2022

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