Day in the Life of a Marketing Manager

Day in the Life of a Marketing Manager

Day in the Life of a Marketing Manager

For those of you that don’t know, I’m a marketing manager in publishing. I work for a small – yet mighty – imprint of HarperCollins.

Honestly, no day is the same. It is a very varied position and for that reason, I won’t get into the nitty-gritty specific details of my day-to-day job, but instead give you an overview of what a day can entail.

That being said I am very much of the tell-it-as-it-is, so take a look at my typical day.


6:45am – My alarm goes off. I am an early bird, even though I don’t have to be these days. I’ll get up, put on an audiobook or music and have a shower.

7:30am – By this time I’m out of the door. I really should walk to my local tube station but I usually just get a bus. I’m lazy in the mornings, what can I say.

8:30am – I’m at the office by this point (about half an hour early, at least). I turn my computer on, leave it to start up and go get myself a hot chocolate and top up my water bottle. I can’t stand the coffee out of the office machines – it tastes like battery acid – so hot chocolate is my go-to beverage.

9:15am – I’ll start my day by opening all of my regular tabs. This usually includes social media, my marketing plans, Amazon and NetGalley. Then I’ll see what happened overnight/the weekend by looking at my emails. Emails are the most important thing for a Marketing Manager! There is usually at least ten I have to answer before 10am and more flow in as the minute’s tick by.

A toilet break usually constitutes at least 5 emails arriving in my inbox. Just saying.

10:30am – By this time of the morning, I’ve usually been to some sort of meeting. This could be an editorial meeting, a catch-up with our awesome Marcomms assistant or a meeting to talk about me. The latter is my favourite kind, of course. Self-confessed narcissist that I am!

11:30am – Normally I’m back at my desk answering back-to-back emails, working through my notes from various meetings and looking over plans. My to-do list is usually about three pages long and it only gets longer every day so I really have to stay on top of it. No Marketing Manager creates their to-do list the same though, that much I’ve learnt from working with multiple other managers. We all have our own systems and we make it work for us.


12:45pm – I try to have my lunch nearer 1 o’clock rather than 12, as I find it makes the day go faster. I am a big advocate for getting away from my desk at lunch, even if that just means moving to one of the office sofas and watching RuPaul’s Drag Race on my phone.

Now I’m back into my writing I’m trying to do more of that on my lunch break to keep my brain functioning, but also give me a screen break. I write in notebooks for the most part!

2:00pm – Back at my desk and usually with another meeting to go to by this point. Meetings can last anywhere From 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the kind of meeting. I do enjoy a group chat, but the more I have in one day the more out of control my to-do list tends to feel so I always try to leave at least an hour between them

3:30pm – I am hitting the wall. 3:30pm is my peak wall time. Unless I’m doing something really interesting or important I tend to want to shut my eyes and do something else. But, as is the way with work, you have to push through. If I have a creative task to do I tend to do this, otherwise, I’ll look for something a little more physical like sending out a mailer or doing an Instagram photoshoot.

4:30pm – Typically, as the end of the day approaches, I usually find my groove. I’l catch a second wind and start updating systems, making new designs or planning for 9-12 months in the future.  I’m a big planner, which comes in handy when you work for a company that works up to three years in advance!

5:30pm – Hometime! Without fail, I am one of the first people out of the door at 5:30pm. It’s not because I don’t want to be there anymore, it’s simply that my contracted hours are up (the likelihood is that I’ve been in 30-60 minutes early anyway) and I want to get home to blog, write or watch TV.


7:00pm – I’m home. Now it’s time to cook dinner, put away the laundry, watch three episodes of House M.D – my new favourite binge-watch – and write up a blog post.

Like I said at the beginning of the post though each day is different. Some days I’ll accompany an author to the printer to see their book being made. Other days I’ll go to an event at a Cat Cafe, or have lunch with an author and agent. Other days can be dull and spent entirely at my desk creating advertising or sending out emails left right and centre.

No matter what I plan for, no day is the same. And that’s the beauty of a career in publishing.

Love Ellie x

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Day in the Life of a Marketing Manager

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