Christmas Bucket List 2019

Christmas Bucket List 2019

Christmas Bucket List 2019

I love a good list! And Christmas is my favourite time of year, so of course, I was putting together a bucket list for the season.

Watch at least 10 Christmas movies

I have a succinct list of the best Christmas movies on my blog, and whilst I don’t foresee me getting through all of them, 10 would be a pretty good amount. It wouldn’t be Christmas after all without the Muppets Christmas Carol movie. Or the-the-the The Grinch.

Go to a Christmas Market

Me and my mate Rob usually attempt, and fail, to find a decent Christmas market in London. If you have any suggestions send them my way in the comment box or via Twitter. I’d love to find a decent Christmas market

Go to Winter Wonderland

I have only ever been to Winter Wonderland once, and I went on my own. Yes, it is as pitiful as it sounds. I went to ice skate, again on my own, and I would quite like to return with some friends or family in tow this time.

Spend New Year with friends

This is technically a New Year’s bucket list but it’s all in the spirit of Christmas, so this year I’m adding spend New Year’s Eve with friends as usually, NYE is nothing special for me. I’m the kind of girl who’s in bed by 10 am and watches the fireworks on replay the following morning. This year I might even get to see the fireworks live! Unless I’m too drunk to see straight, which is a definite possibility.

What’s on your Christmas bucket list for 2019? let me know in the comments below. And have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Love Ellie x

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