Brands I Want to Work With

Brands I Want to Work With

Brands I Want to Work With

I am currently growing my contacts list and working with brands on various partnerships for my blog – see my date in London Bridge for an example of this – but I’ve still got a wish list of brands I would love to work with!

As a Marketing Manager and freelance journalist I love talking to and working with brands, and I come across a lot of them. So over the last few months I’ve started compiling a list of brands I would love to work with one day.

Working with a brand is an exciting way to experience new things, as well as expand your reach and connections. Most of the brands I’ve written down are related to something I’m passionate about, be that my zero-waste lifestyle or my love of Harry Potter!

Warner Bros Studios

I would LOVE to work with Warner Bros studios in some capacity, particularly with regards to the Harry Potter Studios Tour. That is my happy place and as a mad Harry Potter fan it would be a dream partnership.

Refill HQ

As a zero-waste advocate and someone who no longer buys water in plastic bottles – ever! – I love the idea of working with Refill HQ sounds great to me. I’ve struggled with other aspects of going zero-waste but this is such an easy switch and one that is beneficial to everyone in so many ways: less plastic and more hydration. Yes please!


I am a massive audiobook fan. Most of my reading is done through listening to books these days, I’d say 70% of all the books I read this year will be audiobooks and Bookbeat is a massive part of that. For £13.99 a month I have access to all of the brand new titles, and older titles, on the app with no time limitations or extra costs. It’s fantastic!

LUSH Cosmetics

LUSH was a brand that I didn’t appreciate until I went zero-waste and now I think they’re fantastic. They’re products are great and their values even mores. As a company I also think they’re very unique and that makes them extra exciting.

Who Gives a Crap

Anyone who knows me knows that I love this toilet paper company – yes, toilet paper – they’re ethically brilliant and their puns are on point. If anyone asks me about zero-waste this, and getting reusable water bottles, are my top starting point.

Girl On Tops

I love these shirts! Each shirt features the name of a female in the film industry, the idea was concocted by friends who saw 20th Century Women who thought that the actresses deserved having their names printed on t-shirts like they were classic rockbands. And thus the brand was created.


Okay, I have already worked with this brand but I would love to work with them again! I adore period pants, I am a total convert and I think that there is still more work we can do to promote the use of reusable, hygienic and easy-to-use period products.


This website is fantastic and a great place to pick up skills that you wouldn’t otherwise think to search. The lessons are interesting, the website is easy to use and best of all is that it is affordable! I use Skillshare a lot and have learnt tons, it is also the website I suggest people who want to start side-hustles go to first as they offer lessons in so many things that you’re bound to find that titbit you need to know to get your side hustle off the ground.

Love Ellie x

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