Books STILL On My Amazon Wishlist 2022

Books On My Amazon Wishlist 2022

Books STILL On My Amazon Wishlist 2022

It’s time for another Amazon Wishlist post. I still have quite a few novels from my last wishlist in this post, but I thought I would share a slight update with some new book recommendations I’ve been given of late.

With Christmas fast approaching and a few friends and family members asking me what I would like for Christmas, these are the books currently – or rather, still – on my Amazon Wishlist 2022.

Amazon Wishlist 2022

Small Joys of Real Life by Allee Richards

This novel follows a woman who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant with the child of her recently deceased boyfriend. In her late twenties, and surrounded by a cast of fellow 20-somethings in the form of roommates and best friends. It’s the story of the unexpected surprises life throws at us and how we handle them surrounded by friends and family.

Actress by Anne Enright

Actress was longlisted for the Women’s Prize a few years ago, and I remember noticing it for the first time. And then again when someone pointed out the cover was that of a photo of Carrie Fisher watching her mother, Debbie Reynolds, on stage. I know little about the story, historical fiction about a mother (an actress) and her daughter (watching from the wings), but it sounds intriguing.

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

This year I’ve read quite a few poetry books, but I’ve yet to read a Rupi Kaur, fully at least. I’ve read a few Rupi Kaur poems but not a whole collection and this is the one most recommended to me.

Reading Women by Stephanie Saal

What is it about books, about books? They’re fascinating to me, especially when it focuses on feminist texts. Looking at the impact of feminism and famous books like The Feminine Mystique and other popular books that Stephanie had previously read as an undergrad, but this time as a mother and wife.

Careering by Daisy Buchanan

I read Daisy Buchanan’s debut novel Insatiable and I’ve wanted to read her latest novel for a while. This novel focuses on a woman working at a woman’s magazine, where she discovers that it’s time to accept the reality of work: it’s not always fun.

Stray by Stephanie Danler

I adored Stephanie Danler’s debut novel Sweetbitter and this is her memoir follow-up. She talks about the realities of getting her first novel published, her ultimate dream, and then feeling empty as she was dreamless. She found herself focusing on the negative, especially her past with addiction and loneliness.

Joan by Katherine J. Chen

And finally, a historical and feminist retelling of Joan of Arc. In a similar line of fiction as Aridane by Jennifer Saint and Cecily by Annie Garthwaite. I love this genre of story and Joan of Arc is someone I don’t know much about, so I would love to read a new story about her.

What books are on your Amazon Wishlist 2022? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Books On My Amazon Wishlist 2022

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