Bookish Resolutions 2018

Bookish Resolutions 2019

Bookish Resolutions 2019

It’s the New Year which means it’s time for some resolutions. I’ve done my New Year’s Resolutions so now it’s time for some Bookish ones. First off, let’s take a look at my Bookish Resolutions for 2018. Did I achieve any?

Bookish Resolution 1: Read at least 80 books 

I smashed this resolution! I read over 90 books in 2018 and I can’t wait to repeat that success in 2019.

Bookish Resolution 2: Register at my local library and read at least 5 books from the library

Well, I did register with my local library, eventually, but I didn’t quite manage 5 books. I managed 3. There’s always next year.

Bookish Resolution 3: Listen to 20 audiobooks

I definitely managed this one! In 2018 I read 55 audiobooks, and 7 of those were re-reads. Insane right. That’s over half of all my books read in 2018.

Bookish Resolution 4: Read 5 classics I’ve never read before

Sadly I only managed one classic this year and it was a short one. I just wasn’t in the mood for classics this year. Not even a Jane Austen.

Bookish Resolution 5: Read at least 65 new books

Yes! I only re-read 8 books this year so I read over 80 new books in 2018 which makes me really happy.

All things considered, I’m pretty happy with those. But now it’s time to set some resolutions for 2019.

Bookish Resolutions 2019

Read 90 books

As I said above, next year I want to repeat 2018’s success by reading over 90 books. Let’s see if I can do it.

Read over 75 new books

With the success of last time, I’m going to ramp it and say I have to read 75 new books in 2019. I love discovering new authors, old and new.

Read a book from every decade of the 20th Century

This one is a bit different, but I can see I need to ramp up my classics and I haven’t read many books that were written in the early 20th century before. Maybe 2019 is the year to change that.

Read 50 audiobooks

I LOVE audiobooks, I’ve decided. It’s official. Sue me. So next year I want to read at least 50 audiobooks.

Write a book review for every book I read

Not writing a review is a bad habit of mine, and since I’m in publishing I should know better. In 2019 I’m going to change that and write a review for every book I read. Good or bad – but if it’s bad I’ll simply say I didn’t like it and move on, without insulting the author and audience.

There we go. Five new Bookish Resolutions. This should be fun, I think they’re challenging but still attainable and I can’t wait to see what wonders I’ll enjoy in the New Year!

Love Ellie x

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Bookish Resolution 2019

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