Bookish Resolutions | Did I Meet Them and What Are My New Ones

Bookish Resolutions

Bookish Resolutions | Did I Meet Them and What Are My New Ones

Time to take a look at my Bookish Resolutions and see which ones I’ve achieved this year and what my bookish resolutions are for 2018.

My 2017 Bookish Resolutions:

Bookish Resolution 1: Read 70 books in 2017!

I did it! I read 74 books in total in 2017! ūüôā Yippe!

Bookish Resolution 2: Read a Non-Fiction Book every month 

In total I read 29 Non-Fiction books this year… so I think I blasted this resolution¬†to smithereens! Woop Woop!

Bookish Resolution 3: Read 60 new books in 2017!

I re-read a lot of books in 2016 so I was conscious of not doing the same thing this year and I think I achieved it. I re-read the Harry Potter series, and three others so re-read 10 books. But having read 74 books this year I read 64 new books in total and also beat this resolution!

Bookish Resolutions 4: Read more Series in 2017

I have only read one complete series this year which was Harry Potter; I also read a duology of books by Ayisha Malik, but I am not sure if this series is complete. Through work, I have read the first novels in the upcoming series, but ultimately I could have done better on this resolution.

Bookish Resolution 5: Read at least 5 classics!

Yay! I managed this one at the latter end of the year. I read a new Jane Austen Рonly Pride and Prejudice to go Рand listened to another. Also,  I re-read A Christmas Carol and read three Agatha Christie novels Рwhich I count as classics. I would still like to read more next year though.

2017 was definitely a good reading year! I think that is partly due to my discovering audiobooks and also my wonderful new job in a publishing house. It definitely inspires you to read a lot!

With that in mind, it is time to set some Bookish Resolutions for 2018! 

Bookish Resolution 1: Read at least 80 books 

I always add 10 books to my Reading Challenge each year, and this year is no exception! This will be my Goodreads target for 2018.

Bookish Resolution 2: Register at my local library and read at least 5 books from the library

I have lived in London for 5 months now and it is time for me to register at my local library and actually get some books out! I loved using the library in my hometown this year, not only does it saves so much money it also shows support for a wonderful literary system we don’t want to lose!

Bookish Resolution 3: Listen to 20 audiobooks

I’ve really been enjoying audiobooks and I’ve loved the books I have discovered through it. Not only original dramas but also classics, non-fiction, biographies. etc. Definitely worth the subscription!

Bookish Resolution 4: Read 5 classics I’ve never read before

I think this was a good target for last year so I am going to carry it over with an addendum.

Bookish Resolution 5: Read at least 65 new books

Another carry-on. I like the fact that this year I read a lot of brand new books – brand new to me, that is – and I would like to continue this trend.

What are your bookish resolutions for 2018? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Ellie x

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