How Blogging Helped Me Get a Job!

How Blogging Helped Me Get a Job

How Blogging Helped Me Get a Job

So for those that have followed my blogging career for a while will know that I got a job in July at a specialist Publishing Recruitment Company: Atwood Tate. 
The job was meant to last until Christmas, at which point the woman I was covering for would return from having her child. But she chose not to come back and I was offered the chance to be made permanent, which of course I said yes to.

I love my job.

The people I work with are eclectic and unique and entirely lovely. I’ve never feared asking a question, or asking for help, as I know that even though they’re always busy they will always still stop to help me to improve.
However, one thing that I found they were asking me questions about, even after only two weeks of being there, was how I made graphics and added plugins and change pages and add authors to their company blog!
Well, it was easy. I had two blogs and had previously helped to sort out the website/blog of my previous internship.
I had knowledge of SEO, graphics, and the basic ideas of how to build up followers and gain page views in order to spice up the blog. Not to say it was bad because it wasn’t! I just had time and the passion to update it regularly. Whereas before it was updated only when someone had time.
My improvements to the blogs didn’t go unnoticed.
The blog went from being sporadically posted on, to becoming a regular feature which I would persistently chase people to submit to, or just simply write a post about the basics of CV’s and cover letters, myself during my lunch break and post in the afternoon.
It was a natural part of my job and I really enjoyed it.
So when my boss took me out for a coffee for my three-month review she not only offered me a permanent position – which I was thrilled about! – She gave me a new job title to go along with it.
I am now not only the Administrator of the company but also the Social Media Coordinator.

Running a Blog

All of this came from running a blog and utilising my Creative Writing/History degree, to some extent, in running a business blog alongside my regular administrative duties
Because of this I now have more responsibility, I am trusted and the results have been seen clearly.
Not only are the staff I work with happy that they can write up a piece on an event they went to, or a feature post, and send it to me as a rough cut to deal with. They know that at the end of it I will produce a graphic, SEO status, and an exciting piece of work – I learn this lesson the hard way! – And publish it for them with fanfare on all our other social media sites!
I’m not saying I get it right always, life is made of mistakes it’s how we learn after all, but more often than not it does go well! And there is a genuine improvement and now pride in the company’s blog.
Many businesses only publish 3-4 blog posts a month. I try and post a minimum of two blog posts a week. Even a publisher who met one of our consultants at an event was impressed. He didn’t know of any other company that posted so regularly.
But I’m used to running two blogs! And trying to post twice weekly on each, whilst completing 12 hours a day of work/commuting! That’s 4 blog posts a week! Not to mention social media linking – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+!
It’s not easy, but I love it. And knowing how it can help me develop my career only encourages me further!
Blogging, once a way of diarising our lives online, has now become a skill to add to your CV.

For me I started my blogs for entirely random reasons:

      EllesBellesBookshelf: To discuss books with like-minded people, as my friends hardly ever read.
      EllesBellesGradBlog: To let my friends and family know what I was doing in life so that they didn’t harass me every time I saw them when I came home from uni!
Now you could say that all three blogs I run are linked, somewhat, to my career in publishing.
I write blog posts, such as this, about my job on my GradBlog, I write book reviews and do blog tours with PR companies on EllesBellesBookshelf and the Atwood Tate blog – which you can visit here – I write/edit posts about the best way to enter the publishing industry!
Both of my blogs – the hobbies and silly writing outlets – have helped me to progress and gain a job in my dream industry. But it was never the goal!
Working in recruitment teaches you a lot about what people look at. And you’d never think that running a blog could help you to rise in your career but it has!
It has also helped me to develop where in the industry I want to go. Plus I’ve developed skills outside of blogging that are universally helpful.
      IT literacy
      Graphic Design
Among others.
All of these things will help you get any job these days, so long as you can be seen to apply the skills and have not just read about them and added them to your CV!

Blogging is also great fun!

If it wasn’t I wouldn’t do it! And it was always my favourite perk of my job. I like administration, I am very organised so it works, but blogging for the company was always the cherry on top.
So I’m grateful I started my blog(s). And I’m grateful that I stuck at it!
You never know where hobbies might lead! For me, it was a promotion/career!
Love Ellie x

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