Best TikTok Home Hacks You NEED To Try!

Best TikTok Home Hacks

Best TikTok Home Hacks You NEED to Try! Cleaning, Organising + MORE!

The TikTok hashtag ‘#homehacks’ is trending on TikTok and currently has over 404.1 million views! Interior experts at Stelrad have collated a list of the best home hacks from cleaning to organising which you need to try:

TikTok Home Hacks

Toilet Roll Curtain Hack

No need to throw away used toilet rolls, you can now use them to make your curtains look sleek and hotel-inspired! Over on TikTok thousands of people are using empty toilet rolls and are spacing them evenly between curtain pleats so they hang perfectly neat and uniform. The hack is so popular, even cleaning sensation Mrs.Hinch has also shared the tip to her 4.1 million Instagram followers!

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Empty Glass Jar Hack

When finished with used coffee and jam jars, you can now re-use them for several purposes by following this easy hack. Start by removing the outside label, if any residue then use nail varnish remover to clean and also wash completely with soapy water. Once you have a clean jar you can then reuse the jar as a vase for flowers or store dried foods such as rice and pasta. Win, win!

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Dust Cleaning Hack

Do you find it hard to clean the top of cupboards and shelves? Then look no further as this new TikTok tip will make cleaning dust easier than ever. Simply line the top of your cupboards with a layer of old newspapers. When cleaning you can easily remove the newspaper and add a new layer each time. Minimising dust and making cleaning easier!

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Cleaning Hacks

Looking for new cleaning techniques? This next TikTok hack reveals two ways to clean and shine specific surfaces. When cleaning the sink buff a small amount of baby oil in to repel water and keep it looking shiny. To keep mirrors looking streak-free, buff shaving foam in to keep them clean and fog-free for longer.

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Bed Sheets Hack

Sick of ironing creased bed sheets? Then this hack will save you a lot of time and effort! Avoid ironing sheets by simply spraying your base sheet with tap water before tucking them into the bed. This will allow the sheet to dry and will look like you have ironed it. Genius!

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Kettle Cleaning Hack

Descale a kettle in less than 15 minutes with this quick hack! Start by boiling the kettle with lemon slices and water. After the kettle has boiled, empty the lemon water, then boil the kettle once again to remove the lemon scent. You will be left with a clean, descaled kettle!

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Bin Odour Hack

Using this next hack you can keep your kitchen bin smelling fresh. TikTok suggests absorbing a cotton wool ball in essential oils, then placing it under your bin bag to keep any bad odours at bay.

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Carpet Stains Hack

If you find a tough stain or notice your carpet needs refreshing then this final hack is perfect for you. The TikTok hack recommends sprinkling a layer of bi-carb soda on the area of carpet with the stain, or the entire carpet if the whole thing is looking worse for wear. Afterwards, you can hoover up the residue to eliminate any odours or stains.

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Are you keen to try any of these TikTok home hacks?

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TikTok Home Hacks

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