Best Personal Development Books for Women

Best Personal Development Books for Women

Best Personal Development Books for Women

Personal Development books get a bad wrap for being too close to ‘self-help’ and for an audience of people who can’t help themselves. But I know that that’s a load of rubbish.

Personal Development books are for people looking to develop new ways of thinking. Reading a book won’t change your life but you can learn something from them on occasion.

How to Own the Room by Viv Griskop

If you’re not a fan of speaking in public or don’t know how to lead a room then this is a good place to start. It’s full of tips about managing anxiety, overcoming the fear of presenting, and how to use your body to get your point across. Viv has a good podcast worth listening to about owning a room as a woman as well.

Alone Time by Stephanie Rosenbloom

If you’re single and always wanted to travel, but thought that you had to wait until your friends were free or had the cash, then you’re wrong. As someone who has traveled to New York City on their own, this book played a large part in me booking the tickets.

The Discomfort Zone by Farrah Storr

Farrah Storr was the editor-in-chief of Elle magazine when she wrote this book. It focuses on the lessons from risk vs reward. The biggest risks lead to the best rewards, and to improve or achieve ambition you need to enter your discomfort zone, especially as a woman.

The Year of Less by Michelle McGagh

As someone who has to watch her spending to avoid being broke all the time, I found this book really helpful when it came to saving money. Michelle McGagh and her husband chose not to spend any money that they didn’t have to, i.e. food and rent, in order to see if they could save and still live a good life. And they managed it. It’s a very informative and pacy read full of tips on how to save cash yet still live a full and fun life.

Help Me by Marianne Power

If you’ve always wondered how effective self-help books truly are, then read Help Me by Marianne Power. For twelve months she read and followed the guidance of 12 bestselling self-help books, once a month. Some she found really inspirational and led to significant life changes, and others she found made absolutely no sense or were full of nonsense. Obviously, these are her own findings and what worked for her might not work for someone else, and vice versa. But if you’re interested in hearing how others use personal development books then this is a good shout.

The Friendship Cure by Kate Leaver

And finally, The Friendship Cure. This book is less personal development and more non-fiction, but there are some really good life lessons to be found within it. From how to deal with toxic friendships to finding your core group. And for women, a good group of friends is a must-have.

Those are my top recommendations for the best personal development books for women.

Love Ellie x

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Best Personal Development Books for Women

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