Best Documentaries I’ve Watched Recently

Best Documentaries I've Watched Recently

Best Documentaries I’ve Watched Recently

I’ve recently been watching quite a few documentaries on Netflix, BBC, and NowTV and today I thought I would share my recommendations. This includes a mix of true crime, biography, and artistic documentaries.

Best Documentaries on Netflix, BBC, and NowTV

The Girl in the Picture (Netflix)

A tough-to-watch, true-crime documentary about a ‘hit and run’ case that unravels into this dark story of kidnapping, Stockholm syndrome, abuse, and murder. It’s a fascinating look at evil and a case that took decades to solve.

Imagine: Ingrid Bergman (BBC)

A beautiful documentary about the famous actress, in her own words: using her diaries, letters, and video footage from her entire life, this story is a celebration of the renowned actress. It includes interviews with all her children as well as an immense amount of home-video footage. Film and memory were very important to Ingrid Bergman. She was a complicated woman, but incredibly talented and wonderfully charming. I really enjoyed this documentary.

Keep Sweet, Pray, and Obey (Netflix)

A disturbing 4-part documentary about the Fundamental Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints. A religious sect that was always polygamous, but under the leadership of Warren Jeffs encouraged child marriage, rape, and abuse. It’s a horrific true story of brainwashing and the corruption of power. It’s an even harder documentary to watch at the moment due to the ongoing changes to women’s lives in the US. Particularly with the current scenario around abortion and reproductive rights.

Robin Williams: Come Inside my Mind (NowTV)

I’ve always been a fan of Robin Williams and was so sad to hear about his passing in 2014. This documentary was sanctioned by his family and includes interview clips from some of his closest friends, family, and colleagues. It’s a heartwarming bildungsroman style of documentary, starting with Robin’s childhood all the way to his death and shortly after. It’s very moving, hilarious, and still incredibly sad.

Becoming Charlie Chaplin (NowTV)

A few family members recommended this documentary about Charlie Chaplin to me, as I’ve been meaning to watch one of his films. I didn’t know much about Charlie Chaplin, beyond the basics I discovered in Richard Attenborough’s Chaplin film. This documentary shows a darker depiction of the man, from his love of marrying teenagers or just-adult girls, to being an incredibly hard man to work for. But also a genius. His films are magical, even today, which is quite a feat for a silent film star.

What documentaries have you watched recently? Would you recommend any of them? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Best Documentaries I've Watched Recently

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