Best Books on Finance for Beginners

Best Books on Finance for Beginners

Best Books on Finance for Beginners

If you’re like me and are money conscious then are some of the best books on finance for beginners. From books about investing and credit cards to books with handy tips on saving and getting cashback on large purchases.

These are my top recommendations for books on finance for beginners.

Best Books on Finance for Beginners

Money by Laura Whately

My go-to recommendation is Money by Laura Whately. This is one of the first books I read on finance when I moved to London and it’s full of handy advice on some of the basics like the difference between debit and credit, and paying bills. But it also covers things like mortgages and investing in a really accessible and exciting way.

On the Money by Charlotte Burns

A recent read of mine, but one I highly recommend is On the Money by Charlotte Burns. Much like Money, this book has some handy advice on things like Credit Cards, cashback schemes, the realities of Buy Now, Pay Later schemes and more. Very short, and great for referencing as you go about your day. It inspired me to sort out my pension pots – very easy to do, FYI.

We Need to Talk About Money by Otegha Uwagba

If you’re interested in learning more about the realities surrounding money, and not just looking for hints on how to save, then read We Need to Talk about Money. Otegha Uwagba shares some of her personal experiences of managing and spending money, say as well as some of the effects of class, race, age and beauty on money.

Holly Smith’s Money Saving Book by Holly Smith

If you’re after basic tips and tricks on saving money, from couponing, using or finding discounts or saving money when shopping, then read Holly Smith’s Money Saving Book. I learned so many things about finding the best deal or getting the best discount in this non-fiction book. Not to mention, learned a lot about shopping in general. Did you know that you get razors for £1 from the men’s aisle that cost £1.30 in the women’s aisle, the only difference being that the women’s razors are pink?!

Money Lessons by Lisa Conway-Hughes

If you want to get better at managing money, as opposed to saving or spending it, then read Money Lessons. This book will help give you the confidence to ask for a raise, determine what are your priorities for saving and consider the big spends in life: retirement, weddings, holidays etc.

How to Save it by Bola Sol

And finally, if you’re really looking for that kick up the backside to get a savings plan in place, then read How to Save it by Bola Sol. Part of the Merky Books #HowTo series, this is a small book that will inspire you to put a budget in place and start saving your cash effectively.

Those are my top recommendations for books on finance for beginners. Would you recommend any others books on finance? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Best Books on Finance for Beginners

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