Autumn Essentials

Autumn Essentials

Autumn Essentials

Autumn is my favourite time of year and I have a lot of Autumn Essentials!

Autumn is fresh, cosy, hot-chocolatey and smells amazing! It is also the beginning of the run-up ’til Christmas and I find so many good things seem to happen over Autumn!

So today I’d thought I’d give you the rundown on my Autumn Essentials and all of the things I love and need during the next three months!


Autumn Essential Coffee

Such a cliché, and one thing that I need all year round but have a particular need in autumn. Now, most bloggers/vloggers will say the Pumpkin Spice Latte is the thing to have so I tried it yesterday…it is a sweeter version of the Costa Ginger Latte – which is my favourite Christmas drink granted – but I wasn’t a massive fan. I’m going to stick with my White Caffe Mocha! Until they bring back the Vanilla Spice Latte.


It’s Jumper time! Ohhh! (Imagine that to ‘Hammer Time’ and you’ll get it) I love being warm in autumn – doesn’t everyone – but I love the cosiness of jumpers and this is just a must. I actually haven’t got a new jumper yet but I get paid soon so…watch this space!


I never like to burn candles in summer as I find it is too hot and I spend most of my time outdoors but since autumn includes the run-up to Christmas I have less guilt and anxiety about burning my previous Christmas candles to make way for the new. I currently have Cranberry Ice burning and it smells divine!

Halloween Reads

I don’t have many Halloween-y type books on my shelf, mostly because I am a wuss when it comes to horror, but I want to set the scene of Halloween and the early nights of autumn.

Dark-Colour nail varnishes

I’m a red/black/green kind of girl when it comes to nail varnishes. I bite my nails so the darker the nail varnish the left likely you can see the cracked/peeling nail underneath, but it also matches most of my outfits as well!

Dress/Boots Combo Outfit

It is the perfect time to mix the summer and winter look to create the ultimate autumn look. In my case that involves taking an hourglass swing dress and mixing it with a pair of colourful tights and boots. Not so much work-wear – as yet – but it is a cosy, fashionable and comfy look.

Red/Plum Lipsticks

Everyone loves red lipstick over the Autumn season. Rimmel 107, a MAC Russian red or Diva so many great lippies! Time to try the vampire look – pale with burgundy lips!


I get to get my big woolly scarves out again. I am going to celebrate this moment but get some new ones too! I saw this amazing Greek style blue and white scarf in New Look and I have my eye on it!

I love autumn! And since it is officially the season I can’t wait to blow my paycheck on things I probably don’t need but will love!

What are your autumn essentials??

Love Ellie x

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