Astrologist Reveals Perfect Experience Gifts Based On Your Star Sign

Astrologist Reveals Perfect Experience Gifts Based On Your Star Sign

Astrologist Reveals Perfect Experience Gifts Based On Your Star Sign

How often have you gifted the men in your life pants and socks for their birthday and Christmas and the women a perfume set? Buying presents for our loved ones isn’t an easy task and many of us leave it to the last minute meaning we gift those boring predictable presents. Find Me A Gift has partnered with Inbaal Physics to make the job of buying gifts a whole lot easier, they have found the perfect ‘experience’ gift for each star sign.

Experience Gifts Based On Your Star Sign

Gifts based on your star sign


Liverpool FC stadium tour for two adults – Connecting with luxury and success on any level, is what Capricorns live for. Seeing the hidden (and less hidden) spots of a successful endeavour, will make memories for life.


Meerkat encounter for two – Aquarians are the biggest animal lovers there are, they view all living beings as equals, worthwhile and beautiful.


Lancashire afternoon cream tea cruise for two – You say water, you said Pisces. Those born under the sign of the Fish love feeling a bit of pamper, and can’t imagine a nicer view than the rippling waves.


Paintball experience for two – You won’t find a sportier (or more blood thirsty!) sign than Aries. Those born under the sign of the Ram never sit down, and chasing and being chased is their dream pastime.


Luxury lodge hideaways – Taureans appreciate luxury in all its form. The chance to relax is never boring to them, and being pampered and spoiled is right up their street.


Comedy night for four – The chattiest sign of the Zodiac is surely Gemini! Born under the planet Mercury, ruler of communication, they will adore the chance to laugh with their friends.


Family portrait photo shoot – Family minded Cancerians love seeing the whole family together in one place. They’re nostalgic, and so making memories is what life’s all about for them.


Extreme rage buggy blast experience – Fire signs certainly enjoy extreme rage here and there! Leos, for example, have a temper they try to keep in check, and on this experience, they can just go big, and not hide it away.


River dining for two – Hardworking, focused Virgos are ‘always on’. They never switch off. Work, studies, the home. A quiet bit of dinner out, especially on the river, will allow them to take a step back and truly relax, for once.


Eden project entrance for two – Calm and quiet Libra never miss a chance to check out of the rat race, and so spending time in nature, let alone all of nature, from all over the world, is sure to hit the spot.


Helicopter experience for two – Scorpios have a unique personality – a fiery streak bubbling under a very stylish exterior. For those very unusual beings, seeing the world from above gives a welcome sense of perspective.


Moonlight summer concerts – Joyful Sagittarius would appreciate a reason for staying up all night. Sociable and loud, they love outdoor musical pursuits.

What do you think? Has this astrologist got it right? Would you treat yourself to the experience gifts based on your star sign? Let me know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This is a contributed post.

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Astrologist Reveals Perfect Experience Gifts Based On Your Star Sign

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