My Amazon Wishlist | Home Decor Edition

Amazon Wishlist Home Decor

My Amazon Wishlist | Home Decor Edition

I’ve previously done an Amazon Wishlist post about the books I had on my to-buy list. A lot of those I’ve finally got to and now I’m updating my wish lists again and I’ve created a new one. Home decor!

Since moving into my own place I have loved decorating it to my taste. I’ve painted my bathroom blue, I’ve found a load of hacks of storing items and I’ve even had photographed for Metro!

But I still have quite a few things I would like to add, particularly when it comes to living zero-waste.

Natural Seagrass Belly Bucket

I don’t know why but I really like these baskets and I thought this would be great for storing my shoes by the door. I have no room for a shoe rack and currently, my shoes are all stashed under my table to keep them from getting under my feet – the irony of that statement.

Bush Classic Turntable

I would love to have a turntable for vinyl records one day. There is something about vinyl that makes music sound better and this is a portable, mint-green colour and gorgeous!

Lumos Light Sticker

Yes, I have too much Harry Potter memorabilia around my flat but I do love these little Lumos/Nox light stickers.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

I think these lamps are aesthetically gorgeous and also really interesting. They supposedly purify the air whilst also giving it a lovely, comforting orange hue. Very hygge, or hippie.

Home Embossing Label Maker

I really want to get some empty amber bottles and start using those to stock up on my laundry detergent, hand wash, shampoo and conditioner etc, but obviously don’t want to end up washing my hair with hand wash. So this label would come in handy in making sure everything is properly labelled and looking pretty on the shelf.

Essential Oil Diffuser

One of the minor issues of living in a studio flat is that whatever you cook the smell will impregnate everything about the flat! From my bedding to the drains, I can smell whatever was cooked for about three days afterwards. I have a lot of candles but I’m not a massive fan of burning candles for long periods of time so this diffuser would be perfect, natural and calming.

First Aid Box

I am a very organised person and I’m also fairly old fashioned so I do love this old-fashioned, 1940s First Aid box for storing more medicinal and practical toiletries.

Pour Over Coffee Jug

So part of zero-waste living is not buying jars of instant coffee so I wanted to start getting my own coffee beans from the zero-waste stores, grinding them and then using this pour-over coffee jug for maximum taste. This will also save me room since I don’t have counter space for a coffee machine.

I’m looking forward to saving up for these items over time as none of them are must-have-now-items.

What is on your Amazon wishlist? And do you create multiple lists or is that just me?

Love Ellie x

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Home Decor Wishlist

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