7 Ways to Avoid Burnout Prior to Christmas

7 Ways to Avoid Burnout Prior to Christmas

7 Ways to Avoid Burnout Prior to Christmas

The time before Christmas is always stressful at work and the likeliest time you’ll get burnout. You’re just trying to get to the end of the year and have a break.

7 ways to avoid burnout prior to Christmas

Take some time off

Schedule a few days just to chill. A long weekend, just a day or two if possible. Take this time to do what you want to do and not what you need to do.

Organise your personal life

Get your personal finance in order, set yourself a budget for Christmas, and clean your house, and you’ll be able to focus more readily on your work without fretting about other things too.

Prioritise some self-care time

Self-care is important for each portion of our health: physical, mental, and emotional. Set aside sometime a week to focus on self-care to avoid burnout.

Avoid putting pressure on yourself

It may be the end of the year but do not put extra pressure on yourself in an attempt to prove to your employers that you deserve further praise. It’s a stressful time as it is, for all people. Focus on doing your work well but don’t strive to over-achieve.

Take five minutes

Make sure you take five minutes for yourself every now and then. Go get a cup of coffee, eat a biscuit or sit and meditate for a short period of time.

Have an out-of-office activity

If you don’t belong to a gym then I recommend taking up a hobby each week in order to clear your mind. This can be as simple as walking through the countryside or city or joining a club. Maybe a pottery painting class or an arts and crafts class to make some Christmas gifts for friends and family. The distraction will help you clear your mind every night after work.

Make yourself a vision board

It’s a lot easier to get through the present when you have an eye on the future, after all, you can’t know what journey to take if you don’t have a direction.

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7 Ways to Avoid Burnout Prior to Christmas

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