60 Acts of Kindness

60 Acts of Kindness

60 Acts of Kindness

We could all do with being a little kinder to each other and I know that when I receive kindness or am kind it makes my whole day better.

With that in mind, I’ve come up with a list of  60 Acts of Kindness I will one day implement as a  challenge or a to-do. We shouldn’t have to remind ourselves to be kind, but it can be helpful and illuminating to focus on kindness a little more than we already do.

Help someone

  • Lift a buggy onto the tube or up/down some stairs for a struggling parent
  • Assist an elderly person onto a bus or across a street
  • Pick up a dropped item for a stranger
  • Give money to a homeless person
  • Offer your seat to someone who is standing with bags, crutches, children etc
  • Give some change to someone who needs it at the supermarket, on the bus etc
  • Give a homeless person a coffee or something warm this winter
  • Mow the lawn or do some basic gardening for an elderly neighbour
  • Pull over when you see someone has broken down to help with a tire or a jump-start
  • Cat-sit or babysit for free for a co-worker or friend
  • Register to be an organ donor
  • Give blood
  • Offer to help a friend or co-worker move into a new place
  • Stop to let someone cross the street
  • Take in your neighbours parcels if they’re out


  • Volunteer at a charity shop
  • Talk to a volunteer on the street or become a volunteer
  • Do a charity walk or run, or volunteer as a helper at an event
  • Volunteer at your local youth club or day service
  • Offer to help a friend or co-worker move into a new place
  • Volunteer for the Samaritans
  • Foster cats and/or dogs for the local shelter

Give back

  • Give items to charity when you no longer want/need them
  • Give items to people who need them – items for a new baby, food for people going through tough times, books for children
  • Donate books to schools that have limited funds
  • Run 5k for charity
  • Visit hospitals, day services, or care homes to keep people company
  • Make items for charity events – cakes, arts and crafts etc
  • Organise a charity fair at work
  • Do a sponsored… silence, bake-off, challenge etc
  • Take part in Memory Walks to raise awareness
  • Organise an event to raise awareness or money for a charity or person
  • Create a Kickstarter or GoFundMe page for those in need
  • Donate books to the local library
  • Plant a tree in memory of someone

Random acts of kindness

  • Leaves books on the tube, at trains stations or bus stops with notes on
  • Post-Christmas cards to all of your neighbours down the street
  • Create a Free Library on your doorstep where readers can leave and take books for free
  • Pay-it-forward by getting the next person’s coffee at a coffee chain
  • Give a homeless person some food when you leave a supermarket or corner shop
  • Send your friend a message just to say you’re thinking of them or to send them a compliment
  • Donate to a food bank
  • Donate items to a local hospice
  • Chat to a parent whose child has had/is having a tantrum in the supermarket
  • Don’t be rude to call centre workers, thank them but no thank you
  • Buy a friend lunch or dinner
  • Share chocolates at work with your colleagues
  • Let someone go in front of you in the queue
  • Leave a pile of pennies by a wishing fountain
  • Give your postman/postwoman a Christmas card and present
  • Leave a Christmas present/card for the milk deliverer
  • Give your newspaper delivery person a bonus at Christmas
  • Chat to the supermarket cashier and ask them about their day
  • Send a handwritten letter to your grandparents
  • Phone a relative you haven’t spoken to in a while
  • Give money to a busker
  • Bake some treats for your colleagues
  • Buy food for the local animal shelter
  • Have a conversation with the delivery driver
  • Offer builders/plumbers/electricians who come to your house a cup of tea and some biscuits

Kindness costs nothing and with the last few years we’ve had, we could all do with a little extra kindness. Let me know which act of kindness you think you’re going to try.

Love Ellie x

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60 Acts of Kindness

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