6 Ways to Update Your Home on a Budget

6 Ways to Update Your Home on a Budget

6 Ways to Update Your Home on a Budget

During lockdown it’s likely that most, if not all, of us have become a bit bored of our homes. Having been stuck inside we’ve seen the same things for nigh on four months! It’s time for an update. But, it’s also a time to be conserving money. So here are six ways to update your home on a budget.

Add shelving

What I see in most in houses, rentals or otherwise, when I go around to people’s places they’re not utilising their wall space. Add some shelves! These are perfect for functional storage but also great for holding decor. Add some shelves and then decorate with some prints, vinyl records, books, family photos or even just small boxes of cords and chargers. Functional, pretty and an added layer of design.

Include decor

Don’t scrimp on decor! It may seem like a waste of money, to begin with, but there are plenty of cheap places to purchase decor. From charity stores to Wilkos, The Range or TK Maxx, there is always decor on offer. I have candles, decorative boxes, trophies, plants, vases and coasters as decor. You likely have something lying around. Utilise them on your shelves, tables, kitchen surfaces etc.

Get a rug

A rug can do wonders for changing a room in a small, yet noticeable way. I love to add big rugs to my main rooms like my living room and bedroom. But even a welcome mat or a novelty bath mat can spruce things up just a little.

Update your linens

For a complete but affordable refresh, update your linens! Change out your curtains with a new colour or texture. Buy a new throw for your sofa to add some fresh cosiness, or simply buy new bedding to change up the bedroom decor. It goes a long way in a home.

Keep to a colour scheme

If you’re after a bigger refresh choose a colour scheme per room and make changes to incorporate it. For me, my living room has a theme or pink, grey and white. It’s an ongoing project as I need to change my curtains and get a new rug – see above! – but I’ve got grey and white throws, pink cushions, pink chairs and a small grey rug. It really adds to the homey feeling of the room.

Move the furniture around

And finally, for a complete free to update your home – move your furniture! Try putting your bed against a different wall. Move your bookshelves or adjust your sofa layout. Moving furniture around is a really easy way to start a new vibe within a room. And it’s fun!

There we have. Six ways to update your home on a budget. If you have any other tips please let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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6 Ways to Update Your Home on a Budget

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