50 Things to do by yourself

50 Things to do by yourself

‘Me Time’ is good for you, but don’t let it turn into boredom.

When you need some ‘me time’ to get over a cultural overload or need some space here are 50 things you can do by yourself, to have something to do.

Use your time and productively and make the most of the time you have to spend with yourself.

50 Things to Do on Your Own

1. Take a bath
2. Make a Spotify playlist and listen to some music
3. Buy some flowers for yourself and arrange them at home
4. Do some gentle stretches or yoga
5. Go to a local park and wander around, maybe play on the swings or sit and take in nature
6. Read a book, paperback or ebook
7. Watch a movie but go all out: comfy PJs, blankets, popcorn, fizzy drink with a metal straw
8. Declutter your space
9. Take a nap
10. Meander around your local high street
11. Bake a cake or two, or lots of cupcakes
12. Do some adult colouring
13. Arrange your Pinterest boards
14. Make a to-do list for the week
15. Learn a new skill like Calligraphy on sites like Skillshare or YouTube
16. Go for a swim or a run, some form of exercise
17. Write a story, short or the beginning of a novel
18. Research your family tree
19. Do a puzzle
20. Put together a travel wishlist
21. Paint your nails
22. Put on a face mask
23. Write in a journal: a regular diary, a fact a day diary, worry diary etc
24. Scrapbook
25. Start a compliment jar for yourself
26. Sort out any your papers in your space
27. Marie Kondo your computer
28. Do a social media cull of people you don’t talk too anymore, people who don’t inspire your etc
29. Try a new recipe for lunch or dinner
30. Do your laundry
31. Go to an art gallery or museum
32. Go the cinema
33. Clear out your wardrobe or create a capsule wardrobe
34. Read up on your horoscope
35. Look at any local events you could go to, that day or that week
36. Have a shave (if you shave that is. Right on!)
37. Watch a comedy show on YouTube, Netflix or Amazon Prime
38. Go online and share the love with comments, retweets and sharing
39. Make a vision board
40. Head to a cafe for a coffee or tea
41. Listen to a podcast, or find a new one to listen to
42. Try a new hairstyle
43. Make a smoothie or fruit juice
44. Write a letter to your future self and save it
45. Clear out your bookshelf, or simply reorganise it
46. Find DIY hacks to upcycle your living space
47. Start a new hobby like a blog, podcast or YouTube channel
48. Plan a holiday
49. Re-decorate a wall with paint, pictures or wallpaper
50. Write a 50 Things to Do on Your Own post

Let me know how you get on in the comments below. Any other suggestions let me know too! I’m always after more creative activities to do on my ‘me time’ days.

Love Ellie x

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