50 Self-Care Ideas to Benefit Your Mental Health

50 Self-Care Ideas to Benefit Your Mental Health

50 Self-Care Ideas to Benefit Your Mental Health

I’ve been feeling quite burnt out lately, mostly as a result of working from home and having a harder time switching off. Self-care is extremely important at the best of times, but when it comes to mental health it’s imperative you find the time to prioritise it.

Here are 50 self-care ideas to benefit your mental health, specifically during a global pandemic.

1. Watch a TV series you really enjoy with no interruptions, and all the snacks you want!

2. Bake a cake

3. Write a poem or a short story

4. Go for a long walk, with or without music or an audiobook

5. Explore a new place

6. Join a new class, be it online or at the gym

7. Write a list of things you’d like to try in the future

8. Have a pamper evening; create a new skincare routine or soak in a long bath

9. Clean your room

10. Grab a bunch of books, a cosy blanket and your favourite beverage, and read for a while

11. Take a nap, whatever time of day and for as long as you want

12. Try a new hairstyle or make-up look

13. Treat yourself to a new game to play

14.Create a moodboard for an outfit, room design or wedding

15. Start a Pinterest account

16. Go on ListChallenges and complete a load of Lists

17. Take a trip to your local garden centre and buy a few plants

18. Foster a pet for a few weeks

19. Volunteer at a charity shop, shelter or for the NHS

20. Download an app to learn a new skill, like DuoLingo

21. Sit outside for a while

22. Listen to a podcast

23. Curate a Spotify playlist based on your current mood or season

24. Go through your social media and unfollow accounts that are unhealthy or no longer interest you

25. Drink a bottle of water

26. Try meditation

27. Cook your favourite meal

28. Message a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while

29. Paint, draw or make something – creating collages is always good fun

30. Light some candles

31. Take some photographs

32. Set yourself a new challenge i.e. learn a new word every day, walk 10,000 steps a day etc

33. Watch a TedTalk

34. Play a board game with some friends or family

35. Dance to your favourite song

36. Read a book from your childhood

37. Have a picnic

38. Practice yoga or do some light stretches

39. Change the sheets on your bed

40. Go shopping for a little retail therapy

41. Order a takeaway

42. Have a movie marathon

43. Make a vision board or vision book

44. Print photographs and create an album

45. Write a handwritten note to a friend or family member

46. Do a light workout

47. FaceTime a family member

48. Hug a cuddly toy

49. Re-arrange your furniture

50. Eat some chocolate

Those are some of my top suggestions. What are yours? Let me know in the comments below. And remember, self care is not selfish.

Love Ellie x

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50 Self-Care Ideas to Benefit Your Mental Health


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