30 Day Challenges I Want to do in 2020

Challenges I want to do in 2020

30 Day Challenges I Want to do in 2020

I love a 30-Day Challenge, as anyone who reads this blog knows. In 2020 I have quite a few I would like to do, and the aim for the majority of them is to get healthy – which is one of my New Year’s Resolutions.

Go Swimming every day

I’ve recently rediscovered swimming, and discovered that there is a swimming pool at the end of my street! Who knew. For one month I want to challenge myself to go swimming every day for 30 days. By swimming, I mean doing at least 25 lengths of the swimming pool each time, not just dipping my toe in.

Post on Instagram every day

I’ve recently started posting on my Instagram – EllesBellesNotebook – again and I would like to try to keep up this habit as I do enjoy it and I like to use it for my blog. I’m not a social media superstar. I don’t give a shit what people think of my Instagram as I post what I want when I want and not normally for a reason. But I enjoy taking photos of memories and sharing them, so this might be a fun challenge to try.

Be Pescatarian for a month

With health in mind, I would like to change my diet at some point this year. I could never go fully vegetarian because I couldn’t eat meals without some form of meat or fish, so I’ve opted for pescatarian instead – which means eating everything except meat. I think I could manage that.

Give up fizzy drinks for a month

Fizzy drinks are a vice of mine, so for a month, I would quite like to give them up entirely. I tried this last year and I got such a bad headache after going cold-turkey and didn’t realise it was because of my lack of fizzy drinks until about day 6, by which point I gave in and just had a Diet Coke. I’m going to try again though, as it is not good for me to drink so many fizzy drinks.

Walk 10,000 steps a day for a month

I’m getting back to walking after I started getting lazy at the end of the New Year. I now walk to the train station every morning instead of getting a bus, and I try and walk a portion of the way home as well. In 2020, for one month at least I want to walk 10,000 steps a day minimum. This will encourage me to walk home from the station as well as to it, it will also encourage me to walk during the evenings or to go out for my lunch.

What challenges do you want to do in 2020, if any? Are you a 30-day challenge fan or 7 challenge fan? Or don’t like to set yourself challenges at all? Let me know.

Love Ellie x

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