30-Day Challenge | January 2019

January 2019

30-Day Challenge | January 2019

It’s time for my next 30-Day Challenge. This one is going to a bit different.

After November’s challenge of New November which went surprisingly well, this month I am doing another ‘guideline’ challenge, rather than a day-by-day challenge.

In January I am setting myself some rules to re-set my life, and digestive system, after Christmas mayhem.

Give Up Cheese

For one month I am giving up cheese. That means no pizza, no burgers with cheese, no brie and hummus. I’ve been eating way to much of it and I never used to really like it. So for one month no cheese.

Keep my spending to within  £100 of my overdraft

After a month of shopping for gifts and then shopping the sales I want to keep my spending to within £100 of my overdraft so that the following month I can pay off my overdraft entirely.

No more fizz

Another bad habit I need to give up after kick-starting it again in December. No more fizz. Back to water and copious amounts of orange juice – yes, I recognise the sugar irony – but fizz is expensive and unnecessary.

Eat more vegetables

For someone that enjoys cooking I hardly ever cook veg, and I don’t know why as I actually quite like it! It’s time for me to get my peeling and chopping skills back in action and add some carrots, broccoli and cabbage back to my everyday diet.

Take my lunch with me to work x3 times a week

I was getting better at this and then I stopped again. Time to get back into the habit of taking my lunch with me at least three times a week. Two times a week I can treat myself or I can go out for lunch with my colleagues. I don’t need to be spending £3-£7 on a food a day though.

Organise some meet-ups!

I love seeing friends and family and this month I want to see quite a few people I missed over December, plus those I just love seeing – particularly my cousins and people with babies! Baby hugs people, so lovely! 

Keep up my writing

I’ve been pitching less over December due to general busyness and the fact that many papers, mags and websites were over-worked and under-staffed but that’s no excuse anymore. Time to get back to it!

It should be a good month and hopefully a nice challenge to get me settled back into the grove of 30-day challenges for 2019.

Love Ellie x

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