12 Twitter Accounts About Publishing You Should Follow

12 Twitter Accounts About Publishing You Should Follow

12 Twitter Accounts About Publishing You Should Follow

So as many of your know I work in publishing. I am the Marketing Manager for Avon, HarperCollins.

Currently most of the publishing industry are working from home, and a lot of the staff have been furloughed. But, I was thinking the other day, of all the students and entry-level workers who would usually be applying for jobs within the publishing industry right now and can’t, or are struggling to find opportunities, due to the current climate.

As such, I wanted to write a post as part of the 30 Day Blog Challenge on 12 Twitters Accounts you should follow to learn about publishing. Just because jobs/vacancies are short right now doesn’t mean you can’t use this time to learn more about the industry and work on your networking.

So here are the 12 Twitter Accounts I would recommend.


I love this Twitter account. They’re great for support as well as sharing all of the news that entry-level publishers need to know. Highly recommend you ingratiate yourself with the others interacting with this account, they’re great.


The Flip – or Female Leadership in Publishing – is a newsletter set up by three young women within publishing: Sophie Christopher, Ella Horne and Helena Gonda to celebrate women within the publishing industry. Sophie, very sadly, passed away last year and is much missed but her legacy lives on in this brilliant newsletter featuring interviews with some top women in industry. Each newsletter is full of advice, inspiration and insight into the industry.


The Society of Young Publishers is a must for anyone under 30 in the publishing industry. Whether you’re entry-level or like me and working within the industry in your twenties, is a fantastic group of people who run monthly workshops, events (currently virtual) mentorship schemes and share news about the industry that is very relevant to entry-level workers.

There are also SYP Twitter accounts based in other parts of the country, so don’t forget to follow them! @SYPNorth, @SYP_Oxford, @SYP_London and @SYP_Scotland


An obvious choice, but if you’re after a job in publishing this a good account to follow as they share daily news of the latest vacancies in publishing that have been shared on Twitter.


The Publishers Association are another obvious choice but they’re Twitter account is great. They share lots of data and insights into the industry, and if you’re anything like me then you’ll love a bit of data! They also run competitions and put together little shareable for use online, the recent being #MyThreeBooks which many authors and publishers took part in.


Sam Missingham is like the Duchess of UK Publishing. She knows everyone, and is very fun and funny! When lockdown is not happening she runs a monthly drinks night for the publishing industry called the Borough Book Bash which is great to go to if you’re new to the industry. She is also the founder of Lounge Books which is very supportive of indie publishing and authors.


If you want to develop your skills within publishing, then Book Machine is a must to follow. They run regular workshops on developing editorial, technology and marketing skills. The team are great and very friendly, so give them a shout if you have any questions about publishing.


This is very fun platform, that celebrates bookshops and books. Each year this is an Independent Bookshop Week, and it is happening this year in spite of lockdown on 20-27th June 2020 so be sure to keep an eye on that.


If you’re looking to develop your skills and you already have a job, or a some money to pay for these courses then I would highly recommend the Publishing Training Centre. They do many courses covering several different areas of publishing, from copy-editing and proof-reading to marketing and design. Helpful in the long-term.


Another very helpful account if you’re looking for a job in publishing or want help with developing your CV and cover letters when apply. Suzanne Collier who runs book careers is incredibly supportive so don’t be afraid to get in touch with her and keep an eye on this platform to see what courses and events are coming up.


An obvious one, but the Bookseller is a must if you want to learn about publishing. This is the industry magazine that is released weekly, including all of the latest publishing news, plus the charts, rights and previews. Very important.


Very similar to The Bookseller, BookBrunch is another publishing news outlet which also shares insightful articles from people within the industry, plus data and research.

And that’s 12… but I have a few more for those that know what area of publishing they want to get into. So special mention to:


The Publishers Publicity Circle is the best platform for publishing publicists!


The Book Marketing Society does what it says on the tin, and is the best platform for marketing professionals in, or dreaming of being in, the publishing industry.

But there we go there are the 12 (really 14!) Twitter accounts you follow if you want to learn about the industry. I hope you find it helpful.

Of course, you can also follow me at @ElliePilcher95 for more blog posts like this and my random bookish thoughts that happen daily. There’s quite a few!

If you have any other recommendations for Twitter accounts or websites to learn about publishing please do share in the comments below. And if you have any questions let me know. I’m always happy to help.

Love Ellie x

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12 Twitter Accounts About Publishing You Should Follow

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