101 Things in 1001 Days | 2nd Edition

101 Things in 1001 Days | 2nd Edition

101 Things in 1001 Days | 2nd Edition

Way back in 2018 I set up the challenge to do 101 things in 1001 days. I managed 48 out of 101, which isn’t bad going. I decided to re-start the challenge in 2021 with a mix of 101 new things and extended hopes for the future.

This is not a challenge, but more of an extended to-do list or bucket list if you will. I don’t like to have things like ‘five-year plans’ as you never know where you’re going to end up in five years – hello, pandemic! But with a to-do list of 101 things you have a good chance of doing a few of them, if not all of them over 1001 days.

Without further ado though, here is my list of 101 things in 1001 days | 2nd edition.

Start Date: 25th June 2021

End Date: 22nd March 2024

Health & Fitness

  1. Walk 10k steps a day for 30 days
  2. Do at least one workout a week
  3. Lose two stone
  4. Donate blood three times
  5. Go swimming
  6. Go to a gym class
  7. Have an eye test ✔ done in February 2022, and new glasses!
  8. Take at least one self-care day per month


  1. Get a new job ✔
  2. Run at least 5 new #MarketYourMarketing workshops
  3. Have an in-person book launch
  4. Give a talk at my old school ✔ gave a talk to their creative writing club in March 2022
  5. Be paid for a speaking engagement
  6. Get a certified digital skill
  7. Be on a panel with another author


  1. Write a non-fiction book
  2. Write a feature for a magazine
  3. Be commissioned to write a piece
  4. Write five short stories
  5. Write 15,000 words in one day


  1. Go to Disneyland Paris with friends ✔ June 2022 – after 2.5 years!
  2. Travel to the Lake District
  3. Go to Ireland
  4. Spend a day in Paris
  5. Visit three National Trust sites
  6. Have a mini-break away in a hotel with a spa
  7. Travel to Cornwall

Food & Drink

  1. Eat at a Michelin Star restaurant
  2. Go to Cahoots for drinks
  3. Have dinner in an igloo at Coppa Club
  4. Eat at Dans Le Noir ✔ with Freyja on 15th September 2021
  5. Eat at Dishoom ✔ With work colleagues on 20th August 2021
  6. Have a drink at the American Bar in the Savoy
  7. Make cocktails at The Cauldron
  8. Have a Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea
  9. Ice biscuits at Biscuiteers
  10. Try a new recipe every day for a week
  11. Make homemade hummus ✔ went badly… January 2022
  12. Try ten new recipes
  13. Have a picnic ✔ For work in Green Park on 20th August 2021
  14. Give up fizzy drinks for 30 days
  15. Host a dinner party
  16. Pickle onions for friends and family


  1. Read 250 books
  2. Read at least 100 male writers
  3. Publish two new novels
  4. Read War and Peace
  5. Review at least 50 books
  6. Shop at Word on the Water
  7. Collect all of William Shakespeare’s plays
  8. Read 30 classic novels
  9. Complete a book series (not Harry Potter!) ✔ The Rokesby Series by Julia Quinn
  10. Read three new Dickens novels (1. Bleak House Jul 21, 2. Oliver Twist Nov 21 and …)

New Experiences

  1. Get a tarot card reading
  2. Go to a rage room
  3. Go to a drag show/brunch
  4. Take part in a pottery class
  5. Go to Buckingham Palace
  6. Visit Kew Gardens
  7. Go to Secret Cinema ✔ Secret Cinema Bridgerton 5th March 2022 with Hannah and Sammy 
  8. See a play at Shakespeare’s Globe
  9. Go to the Tate Modern
  10. Visit God’s Own Junkyard
  11. See five new West End shows (1. Hamilton – Jan 22, Mary Poppins – Jan 22, Come from Away – Feb 22)
  12. Go to Harry Potter Studios
  13. Be on TV
  14. Watch 10 classic movies
  15. Go to a film premiere
  16. Learn a new skill
  17. Attend Pride in London again
  18. Complete a scrapbook
  19. Complete an escape room ✔ With the Books Before Boys Group in August 2021
  20. Make my own dream catcher
  21. See Hamilton on the West End ✔ Finally achieved 15th Jan 2022
  22. Complete one year of French DuoLingo
  23. Sign up for an educational course
  24. Take a photo every day for 30 days
  25. Visit a flea market
  26. Meet a celebrity and talk to them – don’t just stare
  27. Go to a concert ✔ Abba Voyage on the 29th May 2022

Home & Personal

  1. Get a new haircut ✔ dyed my hair, cut short, and grew out my undercut 22nd April 22
  2. Have a digital detox weekend away from phones, TV and computers
  3. Complete three 30-day challenges (1. No Spend Feb 2022, 2. 30 Day Reading Challenge Apr 2022)
  4. Keep my herb garden alive
  5. Do a monthly declutter
  6. Foster a pet (Cat or dog) ✔ Fostered a 1-year old cat and her four kittens 
  7. Dye my hair a different colour ✔ dyed my hair purple 22nd April 222
  8. Finish decorating my flat


  1. Complete a no-spend month challenge ✔ – No Spend February 2022
  2. Have £3,000 in savings
  3. Buy a lottery ticket

Blog & Social

  1. Develop my newsletter subscription to at least 750 subscribers
  2. Update my old blog posts and make sure the SEO is strong ✔ Completed December 2022, DA jumped up from 17 to 24!
  3. Reach 5,000 Twitter followers
  4. Create a Media Kit
  5. Take a class on SEO and digital marketing ✔ Internal Digital Marketing course with Daniel Rowles
  6. Invest in my blog
  7. Hit 1,500 Instagram followers
  8. Hit 500 Facebook followers
  9. Vlog for one month
  10. Write a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days ✔

What sort of thing would you put on your 101 things in 1001 days list? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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101 Things in 1001 Days | 2nd Edition

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