10 Ways to Start a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

10 Ways to Start a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

10 Ways to Start a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

With the tax on plastic shopping bags, and coffee cups and the swap to paper straws we’re becoming more aware of our use of wasteful items. To help combat waste, here are 10 ways to start a zero-waste lifestyle.

There are simple ways to start a zero-waste lifestyle, even if means only lessening your waste month on month until you’re at a level of zero-waste where you’re comfortable and can afford it, as this lifestyle isn’t cheap.

10 ways to start a zero-waste lifestyle

Here are some simple things to cut down on.

Go paperless on your bills

Stop asking for monthly statements to be sent by post but download them via your computer or an app.

Find DIY Cleaning Products

Instead of buying bottles of different cleaning products start creating your own multi-purpose cleaners. Lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda are common ingredients that are readily available and good for cleaning stains, grease and windows as well as unblocking drains and shining up windows.

Find new ways to store and maintain food products

Find out which foods can be stored in the fridge and which ones can’t in order to make them last longer – common culprits of food waste are potatoes, garlic and bread. Plan your meals weekly so that you don’t overspend. And STOP buying products in unnecessary plastic wrap.

Find items that are reusable

Instead of buying pre-packaged water, buy reusable water and drink water from the tap. Don’t use plastic wrap and tinfoil to store leftovers and lunches, buy some easily washable metal containers, or even reusable cloth.

Menstrual cups

If you’re female and on your period have you considered trying a Mooncup? Reusable and easy to maintain hygienic with a supply of fresh water, these could be a healthy and helpful option to tampons and sanitary pads.

Source different household goods

Sometimes we think we need to buy things and we have no choice but to buy the plastic-wrapped versions on offer at the supermarket but look around. There are companies like Who Gives a Crap which provides a sustainable and recyclable version of toilet rolls, kitchen rolls and tissues and delivery up to 48 rolls to you straight to your door on a 4-20 week subscription.

Buy a bar of shampoo rather than a bottle

If a product can come without plastic packaging that would be great! LUSH sells shampoo and conditioner bars which come in steel containers, which are reusable whenever you want to replenish your stock. Less wasteful as a product and better for the environment too.

Recyclable products

You can buy recyclable versions of stationary, jewellery and storage. These make good gifts as well as good everyday options.


Batteries are recyclable but you can also buy refillable batteries which you can plug in when they run out. These would make better alternatives than shop-bought lithium batteries.

Buy secondhand items

Charity shops are a good alternative to buying products brand new. More often and not you can buy decent and branded clothing for half the price, and your money is going to a good cause. Don’t be afraid to look for houseware, kitchen goods and clothing in charity shops too.

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10 Ways to Start a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

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