10 Housemates We’ve All Encountered

Ten 10 Univesity Housemates We've All Encountered

10 Housemates We’ve All Encountered

If you’ve ever gone to university, or are planning to go in September, here is a blog post for you.

Here are 10 Housemates you will or have met!

The Phantom Housemate

The housemate that you think lives in your house/dorms but you’re not actually sure they do. They’ve left a toothbrush and assigned a cupboard but you’ve not seen them in months! There is a possibility that they moved out the same day that they arrived, but you never got their phone number to text them and ask

One minute they’re there…the next…

The Mother

This was me. I think. If you had a problem with your uni course/student finance you came to me. You want to calm down an argument, come to me. You need a screwdriver, blu-tac or virgin olive oil, just knock on my door.
Motherly Housemates

The Smelly one

You really want to tell them they stink…but you just don’t know-how. So you, and all of your other housemates give them bath sets for Christmas and Birthdays, and occasionally on random days. One word: Febreeze!


The Nocturnal one

The one housemate that is up all night, and often lets you know with slamming doors, extra-loud laughter, and ‘Ssh, I’m trying to be quiet conversations’ on the phone, and then sleeps all day and likes to complain that you woke them up!

The Food Thief

Hide your milk, hide your bread, hide your butter, hide your cat…if they think they can eat it and eat it for free they will!


The Party Animal

You will never see them sober and if you do you’ll instantly have to ask them ‘’What’s wrong?’

The Couple

Don’t live beside them or above them. You’ll hear everything. You will see them half-naked, being cute, cuddling on the communal sofa, making dinner from scratch after going on diets together and you will see them so in love it’ll make you sick. You’ll also witness the weekly, if not daily, breakups.
Dating Housemates

The Needy one

The one that opens their door as soon as they hear you coming. Who joins you in the living room when they know you’re in there. The one who knows your course schedule and walks you out or walks you there. You cannot get rid of them, even if you insult them. Two words: move out.

Needy Housemates


The Gossip

They know everything!  And everyone!  Best to avoid them if you want to have privacy, but befriend them if you’re curious about anyone. But friend is the keyword, do not get on their bad side!

The Complainer

There’s a mess, there’s noise, there are people, there’s breathing, there’s coursework, there’s printing, there’s too much in the world to handle. There’s you, there’s your family, there’s your snoring, there’s… everything bothers them. What can you do!
So there we have it. 10 housemates you are guaranteed to meet during your time at University!
Love Ellie x

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