10 Adult Things I Do Now

10 Adult Things I Do Now

10 Adult Things I Do Now

I’ve recently moved to London and I’m now self-sufficient in life. Scary! With this self-sufficiency comes self-professed adulthood and adult things so here are 10 Adult things I do now!

1. I pay for a TV License

I live with my best friend and her boyfriend and we have an Amazon Fire Stick, which is great for binge-watching TV shows, but we all love a bit of a BBC, ITV, or Channel 4 Catch up session so a TV license is a must. Stay legal peeps!

2. I pay bills

Not as bad as you think, so long as you remember to pay them on time and have a little spare cash for those surprise ones halfway through the month. There’s Council Tax, Gas, Electricity, Water, TV Licence… more than you might think but not as costly as you might imagine.

3. I buy and assemble my own furniture

I needed a dining table, a desk and a bookcase and I bought all three and built them myself. My desk (the first attempt) may be a little wobbly but they’re all standing so… success!

4. I clean the flat every day

I have a no-nonsense policy in my head which means I am not letting my first flat be like my first dorm room! And I hoover every other day, I wipe down the surfaces of the kitchen and do the washing up twice a day. I do the laundry, spray the bathroom and I clean up the mess in the living room. It’s harder than I thought, mostly because I have a very furry cat who likes to drop his fluff everywhere and knock a lot of things over, last week it was a pot plant full of mud, not happy.

5. I go out shopping/socialising/exploring rather than staying in bed

You quickly realise, living in London, that staying in at the weekends is such a waste of time. Sometimes it has to be done, like last month when I was unwell, but otherwise, there is no reason to stay in all day. I can go up the high street easily enough or jump on the tube and find myself in Kensington Gardens. I am 15 minutes away from Kings Cross and I have no reason to stay indoors on my days off, even when it is raining! It’s also my only time to talk to people other than my work colleagues.

10 Adult Things I Do Now

6. I buy extra bras, pants, and socks

Do you know the pleasure of payday coming around and going to your preferable shop to just splurge on new underwear! When it comes to a night out or a laundry day you’ll be glad of the extra undies, trust me.

7. I remember people’s birthdays

No more mum laying out the cards on the table (months in advance) and forcing me to take a few minutes to sign them all. I now have to remember everyone’s birthdays, buy their cards, write them, find their address, and send it myself. All before the birthday date arrives! It’s harder than you think, particularly when you have a big family like my own.

8. Christmas comes early

When you’re a kid the signs that Christmas has arrived are the John Lewis and Coca-Cola adverts, Christmas music playing in the shops, and the endless shopping sprees you go on with your parents at the weekend. When you’re an adult you start compiling your present ideas in October to spread them out over three paydays and you start itching to buy a Christmas jumper early before the all good ones sell out.

9. I book my own Doctors/Dentist appointments

No more ‘mum could you do it for me‘ if there’s something wrong with me I pick up the phone and use the automated system. (If don’t have to speak to a human I won’t).

10. I have more than one umbrella and I remember to take it with me!

I have one in my handbag, one in my room and one at work! Although, I still have ‘learn how to use an umbrella without breaking it‘ on my ‘To Do Before I Turn 25’ list. #Hopeless

So there are 10 Adult things I do now! I’ve only been living away from home for two months and I can tell you it’s harder and easier than you might think. The unexpected is the worst and for the first few weeks you feel like your whole life is falling apart but when you get the stability going it feels good.

What adult things do you do now?

Love Ellie x

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