Writing as a Writer…

So people who know me in person may know that I am a writer. My first story was published by Blue Peter in 2006.

So cool, I know, I got a badge!

Since then I have spent many lunchtimes scribbling in my notebooks to the chagrin of my friends I completed my first novel at 15 and my 2nd at 16clearly I had a lot of time on my hands as a teenager. 

Nowadays, however, I focus on my short stories and my poetry some of which is truly terrible! I have no vanity when it comes to my writing. But I do have pride for the pieces that have had some success!

I won a poetry competition in my first year at University for a poem about the treatment of so-called ‘cowards’ in World War One. I was shortlisted in a writing competition for the Daily Express with a story about the Christmas truce in the trenchesanyone sensing a theme?

War is seemingly my topic of choice, that or the topic of University.

^^ University life ^^
My next escapade into the world of writing includes having a short story and a poem published by the Student Wordsmith in their anthology: ‘You is For University.’ The book itself is out on the 5th of December and I am actually doing a reading at the book launch which it utterly terrifying! 

You’d think I’d be capable of reading my work in public after 3 years of creative writing workshops but you’d be wrong

The reason I’m writing this post is to encourage other writers! 

Any person who writes, be it at University or after the kids have gone to bed, during school or simply when everyone else is doing something different! I salute you, I support you.

You only get better at writing by writing more, so keep going! The day you get published or online or shortlisted is one of the best days of your life! But for anyone who wants to keep their work private, go for it.

At the end of the day everyone’s work is personal and beautiful to themselves, and that is all that matters when you’re starting out as a writer or simply writing for fun.

So keep your pen and paper stocked and carry on.

4 comments on “Writing as a Writer…

  1. Thanks for this post! I love to write, but I have no formal training in it. I studied a field completely unrelated while at university. As the years go by my passion for writing only grows stronger. I started a blog thinking that eventually like most things in my life I would lose interest, but this passion is sticking to me like glue. Lately I have been thinking about pursuing a degree in journalism and attempted to do some editorial writing, but it all seems like such a long shot. Most people don't understand when I talk about it, so THANKS… Thanks for creating this post.

  2. Absolutely! The more I write, the better I become! I write on my blog 5+ days a week and have so much content it's a no brainer! Thanks for the encouraging word 🙂

  3. This all sounds so familiar! I was a drama-freak at school, as well as writing in my spare time, but I never thought I'd ever go down a writing path. Then at University I sort of fell into a Creative Writing degree…and here I am. Blogging is a really useful hobby to pursue, particularly if you're interested into going into Journalism and editorial work. Trust me when I say that you can do it! If you're interested and keeping up your blog then you have the fundamental skills right there! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, it means a lot 🙂 x

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