How to get Work Experience in Publishing

How to get Work Experience in Publishing

How to get Work Experience in Publishing

It is #WorkinPublishing Week this week (14th-18th November) a week started by the Publishers’ Association to help young and future publishers learn more about the Publishing Industry and gain Work Experience.
The company I work for, Atwood Tate Recruitment Company, are going to be doing a week of Q&As on Twitter from 1-1:30pm during the whole of this week!

You just have to use the hashtag #workinpublishing and tag @AtwoodTate to ask your questions!

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But today I thought I would tell you how to get work experience in publishing!

Social Media
Social media is your friend! I don’t just mean Twitter or Facebook but also Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Blogs!
It is worthwhile following as many of the publishing houses that you would love to work at, and their imprints, worker’s and authors, in order to learn more about the industry and get the inside news!
Nearly all trade publishers release news of their internships, work experience and entry-level jobs on twitter first before putting them on their website! This is because the trade industry is entirely over-subscribed for new applicants and so the companies go looking for people who have a genuine interest in publishing. I.e. those people that have gone out of their way to learn more about their industry and to follow them and others on social media to learn more!

Also: there are some great twitter accounts to follow which do weekly, if not daily, bulletins of all the upcoming and newly released work experience/internships onlin.

I recommend:
      Pub Interns
      The Bookseller
      Books in Publishing
You can also follow hashtags like #workinpublishing, ‘#jobsinpublishing and straight up #publishing for all the latest publishing jobs and work experience offers.
Also, Facebook is where most of the bigger companies have specific work experience pages!
I got my work experience at Transworld, Penguin Random House, via Facebook at the link below:
Company Websites
Nearly every major publishing company has a rolling work experience/internships page. You submit your CV, a write a short cover letter and upload your personal details and wait to be contacted. This can be for months or days or hours.
I got offered two internships through this after two weeks of applying – but it was around the time I had just offered a job.
Side Note: Just because you want to do an Editorial/Publicity job does not mean you need to turn down a Sales/Marketing/Design work experience. All work experience is good! Do not corner yourself by turning an experience just because it’s not in the right sector!
This sounds like a really long-winded process, which it kind of is, but attending Events from the London Book Fair to YALC and others can really boost your CV as well as introduce you to people in the industry!
If you get talking to a member of a Penguin or Bloomsbury and you impress them or have a laugh with them, they may be able to help you get a job.
But also they’ll help you to learn about the industry. One thing I know about working in Publishing – and I’ve only worked in it a year! – is that everyone is lovely! And everyone wants to help! And drink coffee.
I’ve yet to meet a horrible, unhelpful person. I don’t think I’ve even met a person I’ve disliked yet! How amazing is that!
Attending Events also looks great on your CV as I discovered when I went for an interview at a Publicity company. I didn’t get the role because I didn’t have enough proven experience in publicity, but if I had gone to these events and done live tweeting or blogging about themwho knows.
That brings me on nicely to my next suggestion
I’ve recently done a post on how Blogging Helped me Get a Job but it helps!
I’ve started recommending it to people who contact Atwood about work experience and entry level jobs as Blogging is a large part of the Publishing Industry nowadays!
Publishing companies have bloggers on their mailing lists and you can contact publishers a lot easier if you are a blogger requesting a book or submitting a review or simply wanting to discuss an author/book/publishing company.
It is a way into the business through a fun and totally independent avenue. No one else has a say in what you blog is about or means to you but simply having one can help you get your foot in the door! As I discovered myself!
If I didn’t have a blog I don’t think I would have considered going into publishing or indeed have the opportunity to enter it! It’s truly great!
And finally the ‘’other’ ways in.
You can do a BA & MA in Publishing! There is a website dedicated to the available postgraduate courses in the UK and some of them are great! I highly recommend the Oxford Brookes Publishing MA course! You get 3 work experience opportunities and learn about the industry as a whole!
An MA doesn’t guarantee you a job – but neither does a work experience or a passion – perseverance counts for a lot! But an MA does give you a larger foot in the door.
There are also companies like:
Which is a subscription based society – which gives you access to publishing events, networking, a jobs board with all of the latest entry-level jobs and work experience available, contact information for advice and CV services etc. For £36 a year it’s not a bad investment!
Then, of course, you can always contact Atwood Tate for advice, or register if you have experience in publishing, as we’re a specialist publishing recruitment company and so have contacts and information we can give you!

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Of course this week is the perfect week to get in contact with us because of our week of Q&As! We’re discussing Temp jobs (paid work experience!) Relevant Skills, CV and Interviews tips and of course Work Experience & Entry-Level job questions!
Make sure you join and ask away!
I hope that helps you find some work experience in publishing! Leave a comment below if you have any questions for me!
Love Ellie x

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