Why Does Feminism = Abuse?

Why does Feminism equal abuse

Why Does Feminism = Abuse?

I am a feminist, and I have been feeling incredibly feministic lately. Even more so today after being attacked for being a feminist on twitter, and not for the first time. 
Whether it be because of my new addiction to Gilmore Girls. Or the fact that I’ve always believed myself to be a feminist, but not necessarily engrossed in feminist literature. I have been reading a lot of feminist literature lately!
I started off with the wonderful Girl Up by Laura Bates.


Reading this book and discussing it with my parents and through book clubs, via twitter I have become almost obsessive in spreading the feminist gene. I say ‘’gene’ and not ‘bug’ because feminism is in all of us. Or all of us who believe in equality of the sexes.
However through spreading the love for feminism and discussing the books that I’ve recently procured regarding the topic:
My current reading list…

I have also being receiving a bit of hate.

The Abuse

I’m not going to categorise the hate as purely ‘’male’ hate, although the haters have all been male. Rather that I’ve received hate from people who are clearly ignorant and misogynistic and need to get a grip of society.
I screenshot this tweet – rather than re-tweet it and give the arsehole the satisfaction! I shared it to my twitter today and the response was largely one of disgust.
And it’s not the first, and probably not the last.
Even I, a female of occasional misogynistic abuse, have never really witnessed such blatant rudeness about being a feminist/female before. And this tosser – who has since been blocked by me! Not only has a go at my tweets about feminism (this being the second time) but also makes a hobby of going through the #feminism posts! He comments awful stuff on all of them.
I’ve included some here! Not to make you angry but to show you that they are wrong and they clearly need to read some feminist literature themselves!
The books I’m reading are in no way preaching: HATE MALES, so I don’t understand why these tweeters exist to make these comments., particularly such sexual-orientated and abusive ones! 
It makes me angry, as I’m sure it does a lot of people, that such rude ignorance is made public everyday via social media and other outlets. When the literature I read – Yes, women can read! – is not abusive or even pro-female. It is just female-orientated in terms of audience. Heck, I’d love to see more men reading these books, but that’s not who they are aimed at and that’s okay.

The Books

Girl Up by Laura Bates

This book offers advice and testimonials on life as a female, from looking at things such as how the body works, from genitalia to realistic body image, to discussing consensual sex, how women are portrayed in the media and the set standards for being female that have been placed in a society, which are somewhat out of date.


Girls Will be Girls by Emer O’Toole

Which I am currently reading – is a more factual description of being a female in a society that preps girls to be girls from the moment they are born when they are given pink clothing and pink ‘It’s a Girl’ balloons beside their cribs.


Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham

A memoir of a female actress and her life growing up, having sex, becoming sexually liberated and working in an industry that defines females as being sexy, pretty and girly. The books refers to how she is different and she used that difference to become a phenomenon.


Fifty Shades of Feminism

Written by a selection of famous women, is a book of accounts which tells what the women believe feminism is and how it affects them and their daily lives.


None of these books are abusive to men, none of these are calling for revolution or end of humanity as we know it. But women who say they’re good or enjoy reading/learning about feminism, as I do, get abused. That’s the irony of the situation.

I am a Feminist

I’m a feminist. I am proud to be a feminist. And the fact that people shout down at me on twitter making such comments only spurs me on as a feminist. They so clearly point out that, in contradiction to their arguments, females are repressed and abused! And treated differently to men. When all we want is to be treated equally and without abuse.
So I am a feminist. How about you?
Love Ellie x

3 comments on “Why Does Feminism = Abuse?

  1. You know, it's really amazing the abuse we women receive online…just for being a woman. I feel like the online abuse has only worsened, as has abusive pornography, and the oversexualization of women. So I'm always amazed when I hear women say, "I'm not a feminist, but." There's always a "but" on the end of that sentence b/c they still think they should be treated fairly. I say, "do you think you should be treated fairly and equally under the law?" "Yes." "Do you think you should receive equal pay for equal work?" "Yes." "Do you think you should be free to walk the earth without being assaulted or raped?" "Yes." "Well, darling, then you're a feminist." Sometimes I wish I had a time machine in which I could transport these women back 150 years…for one day.

  2. Honestly? I think it's because those who lavish the abuse don't understand the meaning of feminism. All that they see is the route word of female, and their brain presumes that it only applies to females. IDK maybe it would help if another word was used? Then again, this could also be another excuse of why they do it.

  3. These comments are disgusting, I am so sorry you've had to put up with them. This is a great post and I've actually got something similar scheduled! It is so important that we keep posting things like this to get people talking and to educate people on the real meaning behind feminism. I'm going to have to check out some of these books they look great! Thanks for such an amazing post x love from boilersuitbabe.com x

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