How I Use my Bullet Journal

How I use my Bullet Journal

How I Use My Bullet Journal

Over the last few weeks, I have had to be really organised.
Not only is June the month of Birthdays in my family there are about 10 different family birthdays, not to mention friends and anniversaries! but it has also been the first month for me job-hunting!
So I needed to find a fun, easy way to keep myself organised and I discovered Bullet Journaling.

Now I have more journals than I can count a separate blog post will be done on this soon but this is the first kind of journaling that encompasses all types of journaling.

      To Do Lists
      Calendar Planning
      Big Events Planning

      General Lists etc

I’m not going to go into the layout or originality of the journal but here is a handy video from the creator of Bullet Journaling for you to watch!

To begin Bullet Journal here are the components that you will need:


      A Journal Moleskine, Leuchtturm or any old journal you’ve got lying around.


      Pens I find coloured, thin-tip pens like Stabilo pens or Staedtler pens help to make you’re handwriting and design really pretty and easy to understand


      A Ruler I’ve made a lot of graphs, as you’ll see, and a ruler has been my god-send. You can go free-hand, but my hands shake when I concentre (typical) so I find a ruler is best


That’s it really. Nothing else is pressing, besides a life.
Now I’ve only been journaling a week but here are some of the pages that I have drawn up so far.
On the first page, I’ve highlighted the word ‘Choice’. Choice is my word of the year. It is the word I focus on throughout the year which means something to me. Other people, I’ve seen via Youtube and Blogs, have chosen words like Flourish and Worth.


You can choose a word that you want to focus on, improve on or simply like as an anchor to your year.


The next page is the Key. I won’t talk much about this but it is a concept that comes with the Bullet Journal you can learn all about it in the youtube video above.
The fun bit about the Bullet Journal is that you can choose whatever pages/lists you like. Here are some examples:



My Tracker which you make monthly allows me to keep track of things that I want to: when I post a post, tweet, use snapchat etc. You can also add things like: Meat-Free Days, phone the grandparents, drink water and exercise etc.


This is my weekly spread. I re-designed my spread as I didn’t like the Bullet Journal suggestion. This spread allows me to keep a weekly diary as one would in a Filofax and it looks super pretty too!



So that is, currently, what my Bullet Journal looks like.

I’m adding pages and trackers daily and designing as I go.

Bullet Journals are just great fun. They’re proficient and entirely of your own design. I’ve seen some people use Bullet Journals for daily doodles and tattoo designs, simply as an address book or as book to make notes. It’s yours to do with as you wish.


I got my journal from Paperchase for £11, from the Agenzio line (unfortunately sold out online), and my pens from Wilkos  (Stabilo colour set) for £5 and I’m away. It’s an inexpensive, designable organiser that fits your needs and your needs only.
Let me know if you’re currently using a bullet journal! I’d love to see! Until then though, enjoy!
Love Ellie x

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  1. This has really made me want to do a bullet journal now! I feel like I would get frustrated if it didnt look nice and pretty then I would just give up! But I might give it ago if I can find a pretty journal!

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