University Room Tour // 3rd Year

3rdYear of University: Moving In

My final first day of universityscary. I have returned to the same house as last year, with some minor changes.

Change One: I have moved rooms!

Changed Two: A certain ‘Rabbity’ housemate has left too.

Changed Three: No more horrible neighbours! (At least so far)

Since I spent most of my evening sorting out my new décor I thought I would write a post on it.

I am one of those strange breed (women for the most part) who enjoy un-packing and finding new places for things and decorating. Even if it did take me near on 5 hours to unpack a single, rather small, room.

Pictures below:

The most important part of my room: My Desk!

Since I get most of my work/make-up/writing done here this is where I start and end my day. So I need it to be spacious but at the same time have everything I need within reaching distance.

I have my make-up area. Full-to-the-brim with products that are probably terrible for my skin but hey I like looking less like a zombie when I attend lectures and more like a zombie with a painted face!.

I also have my notebooks for various classes and my general writing. My magazine holder filled with ‘important’ documents and drawers of crap i.e. spare pens, hair grips and highlighters.


My Shelves: 
My shelves also equate to my bookcase which will grow as the year progresses! I have semi-organised them into non-fiction, classes and fiction. But they’re mainly books I shall read for pleasure.

I also have my one DVD boxset The White Queen simply because I fancied watching it as I was leaving the house and grabbed it. I also have my box of pain-meds and freshers flu remedies. My DVD holdall, notebook and planner.

Not to mention my Biscuit section! Who doesn’t get hungry for a biscuit when snuggled up in bed watching Netflix.

My Chest of Drawers:

These are filled with basic clothing items. But the top is one of my favourite achievements of my room.

I got the white dish at IKEA and filled it all my toiletries and random goodies. I also have my perfume stand, an air freshener (Linen) and a vase waiting for some fresh flowers.

Not to mention my nearby jewellery holder and key box.


My Wardrobe:

Last year my wardrobe was so small that all my clothes had to sit side-ways as there was no room. This yearI can walk into it! It’s amazing!

I was surprised by how many clothes I bought this year. Normally I just dress for the weather and I have enough clothes to last a weekwhere have all these clothes turned up from??

So that is my roomthus far. I’m going shopping later. Who knows what titbits I will find J

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